Mexico 0-0 Jamaica: One destiny

Carlos Salcido covers his face against Jamaica(Mexsport photo).
Carlos Salcido covers his face against Jamaica(Mexsport photo).
Mexico played to a scoreless draw at the Azteca Stadium against Jamaica in the opening game of the hexagonal stage of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying.

The teams split the points on Wednesday night.

This is the first point that Jamaica has won in their seven visits to Mexico.

Jamaica launched the first serious attack. In the sixth minute McAnuff took a shot that hit the post then made it’s way toward the goal line. Jesus Corona launched to make the save and kept the score at zero.

Mexico attempted to attack, but passes missed their mark and did not build up to a significant attack.

Jorge Torres Nilo made an attempt in the 29th minute, but the ball flew just wide of the corner post.

The first half ended with both teams equal with zero goals.

Back for the second half it was Hector Herrera who made an attempt for Mexico in the 47th minute. Herrera shot with the right, but Ricketts made the save to keep his net under control.

Mexico continued to move forward but with no avail.

It was Salcido in the 64th minute who seemed to have one of Mexico’s best opportunities. Chicharito had left the ball for Salcido in front of goal. Salcido shot but Ricketts made a spectacular block to continue the defense of his goal.

A mistake from Andres Guardado saw Johnson intercept the ball and make his way toward the goal. However, his weak shot in the 67th minute went straight to Corona’s hands.

Mexico’s fans then turned against the team. The audience Ole’d at Jamaica’s string of passes and boo’ed at Mexico’s touches.

Six minutes were added to the clock after Oribe Peralta had received a bruising knock to the face.

In added time Chicharito had an opportunity to put Mexico ahead, but Ricketts was able to make the save and help Jamaica earn a point at the Azteca.

Line ups

Mexico: Corona, Aguilar, Moreno, Rodríguez, Torres Nilo; Herrera(Reyna), Salcido; dos Santos(Aquino), Guardado(Fabian); Peralta, Chicharito

Jamaica: Ricketts, Nosworthy, Mariappa, Taylor, Phillips, Elliot, Austin, J. Johnson(Robinson), McCleary(Daley), McAnuff, R. Johnson(Stewart).

This was not the game that many expected Mexico to play, especially against a team like Jamaica.

However, it’s not a discredit to Jamaica. They made their attempts and had a great performance by Ricketts to earn a point. This is also the team that defeated the US prior to the hexagonal stages.

‘Chepo’s’ formation left much to be desired, and when it wasn’t working he took a while to change it up.

But some of the blame also falls on the players. Passing was sloppy and inconsistent. They were also caught a few times by Jamaican players in situations that could have been game marking if it hadn’t been for Corona.

Mexico faces Honduras on March 22 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The team is tough, and if Mexico doesn’t see an improvement the hexagonal might just be a little bit more difficult to pass than expected.

Honduras beat the United States 2-1 at San Pedro Sula, and although the US didn’t play well either, the Central American team is a serious contender for a spot to the World Cup.


9 thoughts on “Mexico 0-0 Jamaica: One destiny”

  1. This game was really frustrating to watch, turn overs, pointless long shots, missed opportunities. I guess the only good thing that came out of this game was Corona, there’s absolutely no doubt that he’s Mexico’s #1 goaltender.

    1. I think this game solidified that. Jamaica’s shots weren’t extremely troublesome, but he did well to cover the shot in the beginning. He’s also been consistent which is really important especially if the ones in front are someone inconsistent. I like Ochoa, but I think Corona has it locked.

  2. Yeah. It was an awful night and a very poor performance. So much for finishing the hex smashing on everybody, yet they couldn’t even win at home. The Azteca ya no pesa as back in the day. Unless they play at 12 at noon.
    México got very lucky of the Reggae boys poor finishing.
    Even though is the beginning of the hex, this result leaves a lot of questions behind. They’ll seriously have to improve for the future matches and Copa Condeferaciones. Next game is Honduras at Pedro Sula and is not gonna be easy.
    I still don’t know what Paul Aguilar is doing. He was just awful. The Jamaicans did as they please at his flank. I want to see Severo Meza against Honduras and for the upcoming matches.
    The subs didn’t do much. Reyna at least tried but Fabian and Aquino didn’t do much. And the Gio sub and Guardado positional change, I didn’t understand those either. Sure it wasn’t Gio best match but at least he tried hard. I guess the sub was to prevent a injury. And Guardado in place for Herrera almost cost México the game.
    That’s what happens when you improvise players who played different positions.
    Again this where I think Dávila could offer something outside the box. But we’ll see. Also, I think Raul Jimenez strenght could have help El Tri against the strength of the Jamaicans. They were very though and won most duels in the end. Plus, Jimenez is having a better season than Peralta. That shows the impartiality of calling players who aren’t in their best form.

  3. This might be Chepo’s worst match ever during his tenure. Also, I want to acknowledge Jamaica. They did a great game. People rarely ever acknowledge the opposing team. Jamaica played conservative but didn’t park the bus. And they made some fouls but they didn’t play dirly. Congrats to them.

  4. 1. Am I the only one who notices that when Mexico plays at night they are god awful?
    2. Mexico should’ve played a 4-2-3-1 with Gio at CAM and Aquino at RM.
    3. Peralta should’ve never played. He gets in chicharito’s way and he is useless.
    4. Start MEZA and REYES. Bench AGUILAR AND MAZA.
    5. Play Gio the full 90.
    6. This now makes the Honduras and USA games really crucial.

      1. Seriously, I just don’t understand what chepo was thinking last night. I want Mexico to play in a 4-2-3-1 b/c (like you said) it worked marvelous at the gold cup. Mexico in the 4-2-3-1 formation seemed to be attacking at will.
        However, when(if) vela comes back I feel Mexico should adopt a 4-1-2-1-2 formation b/c vela and chicharito are too good to have one of them on the bench.

      2. I don’t think that it could get to 2009 levels. Mexico’s not at the same level as then. There’s a larger and more established talent pool and the manager isn’t completely clueless concerning Mexican football. There was a bigger chance for failure in 2009 especially since qualification was depending on Sven and he wasn’t prepared to take charge of el Tri. Not to knock his credentials, but he just wasn’t the best choice. He simply did not know about Mexican football.

        We have to remember that it’s the first game. I also think Jamaica was just underestimated. Tougher games are ahead but I think Mexico will pull through. And if anything, the USA lost and in the region they’re probably Mexico’s biggest competition so that the points lost don’t put Mexico at an extreme disadvantage.

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