Ideal lineup against Jamaica

Torres Nilo will need to help lead Mexico’s defense against a tricky Jamaican squad (AP)


Mexico has finished off its one and only WCQ warm-up so far this year, and we will now see El Tri suit up and battle Jamaica. We saw a few birght spots in the game against Denmark from a handful of players, however, not too many suprises. Here is the lineup I feel would best fit Mexico against their CONCACAF foe.

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Goalkeeper: Corona

Defenders: Meza, Ayala, Moreno, Torres Nilo

Center/Defensive midfielders: Herrera, Salcido

Attacking midfielders: Aquino, Dos Santos, Guardado

Striker: Chicharito

Aquino has proved himself, and he should be a great boost linking up with Giovani. I really do not see a two striker set, as it diminishes a lot of Mexico’s attacking power. Many times the two strikers seem to get in the way of each other. I could see Giovani going to the right-wing, and having Fabian as the CAM. Either way, Chepo can’t really go wrong.

Mexico will face off against Jamaica on February 6, 2013. Kickoff will be at 9:30 p.m. EST. You can view the match on ESPN2, and even on the ESPN watch application on smart phones!

Vamos Mexico!


18 thoughts on “Ideal lineup against Jamaica”

  1. I still can’t believe Chepo dropped Jimenez. He has been ridiculously good for América. He keeps improving in each and every game. He is the best Mexican forward in form in Liga MX. I’m telling ya’ll, he is gonna be the next América canterano to play in Europe. Hopefully not to Porto though. It’s really nice that América is finally producing fine players and they get the chance to play with the first team. Actually, they have produced class players over the years but since América buys lots of foreigners, the youth players rarely get a chance to play until now.
    And Hugo Ayala. Like seriously?. Chepo drops Mier for Ayala. NHP (No hay palabras) pero bueno. Mier is way better than Ayala. Matter of fact I think Mier will play in Europe sooner that Ayala, if Ayala even gets to play in Europe.
    That’s just nonsense. Chepo said he was gonna called the best players in the best form. Jimenez is on fire, and although Tigres overall defense is better than Monterrey that doesn’t change the fact Mier is a better player than Ayala. And Arce… Isn’t Javi Cortes better and younger than him?. But whatever. I’m still with el Tri till the end no matter who deserves to play and who doesn’t.
    And I still think Dávila deserves his shot with México. Fabian isn’t even doing nothing with Chivas. Seems he is still in London.

    1. And I’m not being opportunistic with Ayala. He doesn’t transmit the same confidence Mier does. And also I’m not being opportunistic with Fabian. Ever since he got back from London he hasn’t achieve anything with Chivas. At least Chaton does what is expect of him but Fabian is not being the engine that is supposed to command the midfield of Chivas.

      1. I think Fabian and even Chaton are at a point of frustration thought with Chivas. They see all these offers shot down, and then even their rival, América, lets one of their best players go to Europe.

        But it’s Mexico…there is never a year without out drama. At the end of the day, ya se armó y vamos a ganar. Mexico siempre.

      2. Maybe. But like I said Chaton is doing his job which is destroy the opponents attacks. After he came back from his injury that he sustained in London he helped Chivas improve. They we’re a disaster but when Chaton came back they improved a lot and lost just 2 matches when Chaton came back. And I can’t say the same thing about Fabian. He didn’t do much last season and he isn’t doing much at this point neither. Look at Cortes and Raul Jimenez. They we’rent regular starters in London but they are tearing it up in Liga MX. Why can’t we say the same thing about Fabian?. And I don’t really know about why they should be frustrated at all because there wasn’t concrete offers for them. The press says Schalke, Ajax, were interested this and that but we don’t really know. And if Fabian is not capable to prove himself in the Liga MX how come were are sure he is gonna make it big in Europe?. He is pretty talented obviously but he is pretty inconsistent as well.
        Is not the end of the world if they don’t go to Europe ASAP. They outta be patient and play their best efforts while they’re playing in Liga MX. I have no doubt they will be playing in Europe sooner or later.

  2. Also, Sabadell defeated Barca B and Dávila played 84 minutes… I don’t see why the heck he hasn’t been called up and being overlook. What are Chepo’s excuses?. Excuse me if I write too much, but I had too do this. It pisses me of that Dávila is having a great season but still they don’t seem to care about him. He should be Gio’s sub. not Fabian.
    Let’s see; Ulises Alejandro Dávila, 5, goals and 5 assists in the Segunda. Marco Fabian after London, 5 goals, ? assist in Liga MX… And pardon me again. Ya se que chingo mucho pero Dávila se merece su oportunidad con el Tri. Apoco no?.
    Segunda Division>Liga MX. And I love Liga MX though. But still.

      1. Lets hope Torres nilo has a great game. He appeared a little shaky at first against Denmark, but credit to Denmark they had a good squad. Also, I still think chepo will go with two strikers up top. Maybe Gio as CF and chicharito as ST

      2. No. Liga MX is not the “7th best on the planet”. Not a chance. That’s totally absurd. Nonsense. First are the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Eredivisie, Jupiler Ligue and so on. And yes, Liga Adelante is better than Liga MX. You shouldn’t believe all the press says specially IFFHS. They have 0 credibility.
        I rest my case.

      3. And 1CXG , I want to remind you Aquino just left “Super Liga MX” also know as the “7th best on the planet” according to you, to join Villarreal who play in the Segunda. And also, Celta de Vigo defeated Madrid in the Copa del rey after being promoted to the Primera this year, and also Valladolid who were also playing in the Segunda are cementing they’re place in Primera. So don’t say Liga MX is better than Spanish Segunda when you really have no idea what you’re talking about. I just schooled you. I prove you wrong. You say I’m crazy even though you didn’t make an argument supporting why Liga MX is better than Spanish Segunda. And you insulted me, because calling someone crazy like implying they have no idea of what they’re talking about when you don’t even know me is an insult. And next time you insult someone without knowing them you better come with argument to prove your point. And I don’t want to be rude but you were the one who called me crazy even though I’m totally right and prove you wrong with solid arguments.

      4. I insulted you? Yea because I’m the one totally going on a rant to try to prove a point. Haha ok buddy…
        1. Mexican league is better than the Spanish second division. I’m sorry but its true.
        2. Do u think Aquino left Mexico to play in a second division spanish league b/c of better competition ? Hell no, he left b/c he knows that sooner or later he will be playing in la liga.
        3. You sound like a whiny little baby going off and being rude for no reason.

      5. See?. You’re not even debating why Liga MX is better than Segunda Division according to you. You keep saying it’s better based on nothing. I proved you wrong with Celta de Vigo and Real Valladolid. There’s also Alcorcon who defeated Madrid and Mirandés who reached the Copa del Rey semifinal last year. Now tell why Liga MX is better than Segunda. You got nothing. And rude?. I’m not rude. You’re the one who called me crazy and yes, I take that as an insult.
        You said Liga MX is the 7th best of the planet… That speak for itself of how much you know about football which it’s pretty much nothing.

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