Call ups for Jamaica

The Mexican Federation released the list of 23 players that will face Jamaica on February 6 at the Azteca stadium.

The game will be the first during the hexagonal stage of World Cup qualifying.

1.- Jesús Corona – Cruz Azul
2.- Javier Aquino – Villareal
3.- Alfredo Talavera- Toluca
4.- Cirilo Saucedo – Tijuana
5.- Fernando Arce – Tijuana
6.- Severo Meza – Monterrey
7.- Darvin Chávez – Monterrey
8.- Aldo de Nigris – Monterrey
9.- Paúl Aguilar – América
10.- Francisco Javier Rodríguez – América
11.- Diego Reyes – América
12.- Jesús Molina – América
13.- Hugo Ayala – Tigres
14.- Jorge Torres Nilo – Tigres
15.- Carlos Salcido – Tigres
16.- Ángel Reyna – Pachuca
17.- Héctor Herrera – Pachuca
18.- Marco Fabián – Guadalajara
19.- Oribe Peralta – Santos
20.- Javier Hernández – Manchester United
21.- Andrés Guardado – Valencia C.F.
22.- Héctor Moreno – RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
23.- Giovani Dos Santos – RCD Mallorca

Hiram Mier, Edgar Andrade, and Raul Jimenez were dropped from the squad that traveled to face Denmark on January 30 during a 1-1 draw.

Cirilo Saucedo retained his spot with the senior team.

National team regular, Guillermo Ochoa, was excused from the game due to impending birth of his first child.


8 thoughts on “Call ups for Jamaica”

  1. Raul Jimenez>Aldo de Nigris

    Hiram Mier should of been called up. He recently said he was focusing on el Tri rather than the Liverpool speculation. Damn

  2. No Dávila?. I’m surprised he wasn’t called up. I wanna see him play with la verde. He has a future. He is young, versatile, can play different roles. He is not playing in the Primera but he is doing a great season in Segunda which is very competitive as well. Shame he wasn’t call up. I hope they don’t overlook him. Maybe because Sabadell is fighting for promotion but it’s a FIFA date. Other than I can’t see why Ulises wasn’t called up.
    Have to agree on De Nigris. I like the guy. He fights a lot but yesterday he was very off and not coordinating with the team. And unfortunately we couldn’t see much of Jimenez. I also agree on Mier. I think he is better than Ayala but Ayala is having slightly a better season with Tigres than Hiram with Monterrey. Tigres haven’t concede a single goal I believe.
    And Arce and Cirilo. I don’t understand their call ups either. They won’t even be in Brazil 2014. Javi Cortes should be in the roster. Also, I’m not sure about Chucho Molina but I guess he deserves a chance. I would have called David Cabrera. He was very important for the U 23’s, he was set to play in London but unfortunately he got injured.
    He is slowly recovering his best form at UNAM. He is one of México’s promising players.

  3. What’s up with Arce and Aguliar? Um I hope it’s not a repeat of 2010. Call up old ass veterans when we have youngsters who are doing very well! C’mon Chepo you of all people should stick to our young players! We’re talking about 2014 World Cup…the time when we finally have a chance to win it!

    1. Jonathan is injured at the moment. But he also hasn’t had much time with Barcelona. I think the days of players being called just because they were Euro-based are gone. The Liga MX players are quite talented that foreign based players don’t need to be called because of name recognition.

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