Ideal lineup against Denmark

Aquino has been hot with Cruz Azul and could help lead El Tri against Denmark (Getty)


Denmark is coming off a 4-0 thrashing of Canada and is looking in-synch. That being said, there is no reason Mexico can’t get a win, but El Tri should be playing with as strong as a line-up as they can. Here is the lineup I would feel would be best against a talented Denmark squad.

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Goalkeeper: Corona

Defenders: Aguilar, Ayala, Reyes, Torres Nilo

Defensive midfielders: Molina, Herrera

Attacking midfielders: Aquino, Fabian, Reyna

Striker: Peralta

There are a few combinations Mexico could produce, as the depth is pretty solid. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jimenez subbing in for Peralta, but he could even start. A switch to a 4-2-2-2 or 4-4-1-1 could be something Chepo experiment with in the second half. Some of the players had a good week in the Liga MX; Reyes, Aquino, Peralta, de Nigris all got on the score sheet for their clubs. Aquino looked arguably the best, with his explosive runs and jukes against Puebla defenders. I feel Mexico will have a great game, but feel free to discuss about who you think should play!

Vamos Mexico!

9 thoughts on “Ideal lineup against Denmark”

  1. My line up. Goal Keeper: Corona. Left Back : Torres Nilo. Center Back: Rodriguez and Mier. Right Back: Meza. Defensive Mid: Salcido and Herrera. Right Wing : Aquino. left Wing: Reyna. Center Attacking Mid: Fabian. Striker: Peralta. Subs: Reyes for Mier. Molina for Salcido. Jimenez for Peralta.

  2. Nice line up, Mexico will need speed to compete with a young fast Danish squad. An advantage that they will have is that they will know the ball speed on the pitch, so Mexico will have to quickly find its rhythm and control the ball. I predict a 3-1 Mexico victory.

    1. I agree. Mexico finally has an advantage with quickness with these upcoming generations. I also feel Mexico can win by 2. I hope also because I will be in attendance! Perfect way to start the year.

      Edit: In addition the Denmark roster is pretty tall, but Mexico can also say its ok there to counter that.

  3. I hope Raúl Jiménez gets some minutes. I’m very excited about him in particular. It’s been a while since América didn’t had this many players call-up for the national team specially a center forward like Jiménez.
    He is a very promising player. He is very strong, good in the air, holds the ball well, kicks it with both feet, and he never stops running. His pressing on the opposite defense is good too. If he keeps improving and being consistent he will be in Europe very soon, specifically England. He could fit very well in the English style of football due to his strength.
    I’m very excited about all the other Olympians. Aquino is excelling as well. It would be surprising to see him in Europe as well. And Mier. He has been very impressive. The best Mexican defender in my opinion. I hope he goes to Europe too.

  4. I heard Peralta didn’t go to training and asked to stay in Torreon one more day. I really hope that doesnt put his starting position in jeopardy. I’d rather see him out there in the striker position than Aldo de Nigris

  5. I heard de Nigris is gonna start.

    Breaking NEWS: Aquino to Villareal (2nd division team). I think it’s a loan. Thoughts.? I think it’s a good move.

    1. Ye. It’s a very good move. Villarreal it’s a good team for young players. They really know how to work with the
      youth. They have good scouts. Montero who plays for Monarcas was at Villarreal. He and Aquino are very similar players. Both very quick and elusive. I’m glad for Aquino. Hopefully they get promoted to the Primera. Villarreal it’s a club who deserves to be in the Liga BBVA.

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