Europe based player call ups for Jamaica

The FMF released a list of Europe based players called up for Mexico’s first hexagonal match against Jamaica on February 6. The match will be the first in the series of World Cup qualification and will be played at the Azteca Stadium.

Javier Hernández

Andrés Guardado

Héctor Moreno

Giovani Dos Santos

Off the list are Carlos Vela and Guillermo Ochoa.

Vela was expected to make a return to the national team, but the director of the national teams Héctor González Iñárritu said that the player asked not to be called up for personal reasons.

Ochoa was asked to left off the list due to the impending birth of his child.

21 thoughts on “Europe based player call ups for Jamaica”

    1. Vela is really messing up his chance to gain back the love of el tri fans. As much as I think he is a good player, his attitude toward his country is by far unprofessional. I bet he will wait til both the fans and el tri officials get on their knees and beg him back, but by the time he dose that we really won’t need him with the young bloods being so good!

  1. Fck vela. No excuses but I’m behind any decisions Chepo makes and this is why.
    Our players maintain discipline, except Vela who’d rather be partying with Cesc and Basque ppl.

  2. Very dissapointed. I wanna hear what these personal reasons are.

    Last year he said the same thing when rejecting the call up for the friendly vs Colombia (Did we ever find out what those reasons were?). Then he reject the Olympics due to wanting to find a permanent club (which I supported) and now this. What giveS? There’s something deeper to this than what is being told. He should get one more shot but that’s it.

  3. Vela is finished with the national team! We have so much talent that we don’t need him. Don’t get me wrong I like him I think he’s a fantastic player, but it should be a privilege to play for Mexico.

  4. Andrea, thanks for all your hard work. I’d love to get your thoughts on Vela. My initial reaction is to write him off completely.

    1. Two things come to mind:

      1. Personal Family reason. Which would be fine, and we don’t need to know.

      2. Real Sociedad: meaning they are making it difficult for Vela to leave. 5 teams in La Liga are competing for the number 4 spot to be in the Champions League next year. All within 6 points from each other. Vela is one of their top players.

      I don’t think its time to over react as there is a lot of soccer to be played. We can not let our emotions get the best of us.

      1. I agree Gerardo. I just wish he would say he would come back at some point. It’s frustrating defending him when he says stuff like “I’m not sure what will happen.”

      2. It’s the third time Vela says no to El Tri. Not the first, not the second. And if Vela is playing in Europe it’s mostly because of the success he had in the U17 Championship in Peru wearing the México jersey. So he should be more grateful to la Seleccion.
        It’s almost similar to what Rafa Marquez did to el Tri. He made childish fouls and got himself suspend adn sent off just to get back with Barca quickly. In Vela’s case he is saying no.
        And most of us Tri fans want players 100% comitted to la Seleccion not players who play when they feel like.
        Plus there’s literally like hundres of players coming from the youth team. Fierro, Bueno, Jimenez, Zuniga, Galvan.
        So Vela better get his head straight. And he has all the right to say no to el Tri but like I said he needs to be more grateful to the team that actually gave him a chance when things weren’t going too well in Europe, México.

    2. Friday afternoon is my guess. That’ll give the players enough time to meet at the CAR after games are finished on Sunday. Since it’s on a non-FIFA date and will be a domestic squad, they didn’t really need all the time in advance. It’s also a relatively close location. My guess is that they meet Sunday, train at the CAR on Monday morning and fly in the afternoon, arrive in Phoenix, train Tuesday(and go shopping at noon), game Wednesday.

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  5. wow this really bad that there are so little Mexican players playing in Europe very disappointed
    but with Vela he is good so i would keep calling him just let the kid be he has his personal reasons
    and the club is actually playing really good so they are probably fight for the Europe League or Champions League

      1. From Chepo
        “Vela habló con nosotros y pidió no tomarlo en cuenta por diferentes circunstancias personales por las cuales está atravesando. Entonces nosotros entendemos la situación, él nos explicó y sabemos que motivos tiene y es muy válido. Se mostró agradecido porque lo estamos teniendo en cuenta”

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