Call ups for Denmark

The FMF released the roster of players that will face Denmark on January 30 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The game date is not an official FIFA date so the squad is made up of domestic players.

Jesús Corona – Cruz Azul

Cirilo Saucedo – Tijuana

Severo Meza – Monterrey

Paúl Aguilar – América

Francisco Javier Rodríguez – América

Hiram Mier – Monterrey

Hugo Ayala – Tigres

Diego Reyes – América

Jorge Torres Nilo – Tigres

Javier Aquino – Cruz Azul

Edgar Andrade – Jaguares

Darvin Chávez – Monterrey

Ángel Reyna – Pachuca

Héctor Herrera – Pachuca

Fernando Arce – Tijuana

Jesús Molina – América

Carlos Salcido – Tigres

Marco Fabián – Guadalajara

Oribe Peralta – Santos

Aldo de Nigris – Monterrey

Raúl Jiménez – América

9 thoughts on “Call ups for Denmark”

  1. I would have brought Jonathan Orozco instead of Corona because its a known fact that Corona and Memo Ochoa are already in the first team but glad to see Saucedo. I also would have brought Israel Jimenez instead Paul Aguilar and Carlos Pena instead of Reyna and maybe Chaton but like the list tho

    1. Peña will be at liberatadores the day before which is why he was left out. And I believe Chaton has a minor injury. I agree about Arce…doesn’t help build a future roster.

      1. oh yes your right about Carlos Pena and Chaton i totally forgot about that but yeah Arce isnt going to build a
        future roster but what you gonna do i think Chepo just needed players to fill up the roster I would have brought Candido Ramirez or Luis Morales from Chivas we need some to cover that left side for a back up to Guardado
        thats what Chepo should be looking for

  2. I would’ve loved to see Chuletita and even Rafa Marquez Lugo. That goal against Cruz Azul was pure class.
    And Chuletita is one the current Mexican forwards in form in the Liga MX. I was watching Chivas-CA and I really liked his performance. He was playing out wide even though he is a typical CF. He was constantly fighting, dropping back to lend a hand to his team in defense not to mention the goal he scored. He played very good. Too bad he got injured. Bummer.
    I think Amaury Scoto from Gallos deserved a call-up. He is looking good. Cortés instead of Arce and Carreño for ADN would be good options as well if Chepo is looking to give the youth a chance and try more variables.
    But he is the boss and he calls the shots.

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