What Mexico can prove at the Gold cup

Pulido could be a great addition to the Gold cup side (Getty)


This summer will give us another edition of the CONCACAF Gold cup, and Mexico will do its best to regain the regional crown. Granted, there isn’t much reward for winning (as the 2011 edition was for a Confederations cup birth) other than bragging rights. However, Mexico has an opportunity to do things many critics may say they are unable to do/show.

The domestic league players can compete with any regional foe: 

In 2012, Mexico won its first Gold ever at the Olympics…and not a single player on the pitch played with a club in Europe. Of course, Brazil is a much more difficult squad than your average CONCACAF side, it does not mean that there isn’t going to be a lot of pressure on the Gold cup squad. Many, if not most players for Mexico will be from Liga MX, and just like in London, they can show that the league produces a tough group of players.

The younger players don’t need backup:

This is a great opportunity to get some of the younger players exposure (who won’t be in the Confederations cup), but Mexico will be looking to demonstrate it can win without the big-guns. There is almost no chance of Chicharito or Gio heading into this cup, and the younger players will be hungry to show they can keep the rhythm going. If we look back at the Copa América roster, they were filled with predominantly U-22 players (after suspensions), and only lost their games by one goal each. This was even against the eventual champions Uruguay. Imagine what Mexico can do with boosted confidence, coaching, and will to win.

Mexico has more than one competitive squad:

Best of all, Mexico will be able to show it can fill multiple rosters. We are heading into a new era of Mexico fútbol, and the Gold cup is a perfect opportunity to wake up the doubters. The depth that is evolving isn’t just hype…it is reality. I am confident that Mexico will send out a completely new squad this summer and claim a major result against the CONCACAF rivals. 2011 may have been a little pre-mature to say we could check this wish off the list at the Copa América, but two years was all the time we needed.

Vamos Mexico!


One thought on “What Mexico can prove at the Gold cup”

  1. I really like the fact that the conditions are being made to have more Mexican players compete at an international level. Instead of 24 players getting all of the attention, we have 48 players.

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