Quick El Tri headlines: January 21, 2013

Fierro will look to lead a determined U-20 this year (Femexfut)


  • The roster calls will be released this week for the friendly against Denmark.
  • The U-17 claimed second place in the Copa UC in Chile. The tournament was a preparation for the upcoming U-17 World cup qualifiers.
  • The U-20 continues racking up great results. They recently beat Puebla (U-20) 4-0.
  • Two friendlies for Mexico are about to be confirmed. One will be against Peru (San Francisco) in April, and of course Germany in May (TBD), as speculated.
  • Mexico remains 15 in the FIFA ranks. Yet, El Tri stands at 7 in both the ELO and Soccer power index (ESPN).
  • Not Mexico related, but Latin American rivals Argentina and Brazil have been eliminated from the U-20 World cup, during qualifiers. Colombia is looking to be the strongest side from South America. Is there a power-shift at hand? Feel free to share your opinion!

17 thoughts on “Quick El Tri headlines: January 21, 2013”

  1. This is great news. These results show that Mexico is a huge sleeper country and in the next WC’s we should have the talent to be dominant just like Germany and Spain play.

  2. Great for the youth teams. cant wait to see them in qualifying games.

    I heard that the US training camp world play Tijuana in a friendly this Tuesday. Is that true?

  3. About he power shift I think arg is getting weaker everyday while brazil is in a small drought that they will recover out of. While Mexico has to continue working on there youth system. I still believe the problem lays in the league teams not debuting youth players early enough and using old washed up players not even from Mexico.

    1. I agree fully with your last point. The youngsters need to see the pitch with their clubs, they can do more damage then some of the veterans with a little added experience.

      1. Iam a big Carlos Vela fan as well, I was at the Arsenal vs Malaysia match 2 years ago in the front row with my Mexican flag representing a nation out of 80k Malaysian fans. After the match he went towards me I asked him to sign my jersey and flag and dude just ignored and walk away. Thats how to treat a Arsenal/ El Tri Fan , crazy hahaha

    2. I agree but for Brasil i think that drought will last a little longer then expected. Countries like Colombia have been breeding great players for the past few years in quantity as for other smaller nations like Equador and even Bolivia is getting better. No one fears the giants anymore and football will change from what it has been in the past.

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