2013 will be crucial for Mexico’s status

Mexico needs to stay focused in an important upcoming year (Getty)


Mexico has been looking better every year since the last World cup cycle, and fans can feel the excitement heading into 2013. At this moment, Mexico is known as a growing team, but not elite. However, a good showing in 2013 could turn Mexico from a (previous) pretender to a potential contender.

WCQ can show Mexico is not to be taken lightly:

With the WCQ schedule released, Mexico is primed for a good year. The first game is against Jamaica at home, which is a perfect game to kick off the last round of qualifying. Mexico was able to get a clean record against all opponents in the third round, and many factors are leading up to show that Mexico can do the same again. Mexico won all their games with injuries, roster experimentation, in hostile environments…you name it. On paper, with the right ingredients, Mexico has the opportunity to show that the fear other CONCACAF teams had for WCQ (against Mexico) scheduling was legit.

Confederations cup will be pivotal:

Mexico has a very difficult group, but there is no reason Mexico cannot get through. Mexico has been a boogeyman for Brazil in past tournaments, and Italy could be experimenting for a World cup squad. Those are the two teams who will be in Mexico’s way for exiting the group on the right foot. The nice thing if you are Chepo de la Torre, is that your best players are going to be some of your youngest. In the past, this was not the case. Heavily relying on veterans sometimes plagued Mexico, and this upcoming year could show a swing in game approach. A good result in Brazil and Mexico will be able to silence critics…even from their own fan-base.

Mexico has the right attitude heading into the new year, and a build up in confidence will be a fresh reminder that the new era of Mexico football is here to stay. There are other big games/cups with younger squads in which Mexico will be able to show the world the can continually shake up the football norms. Moreover, the results in 2013 will be important to show that Mexico can be a solid Top-10 squad.

Vamos Mexico!

8 thoughts on “2013 will be crucial for Mexico’s status”

  1. A top 10? I am thinking more of a top 5! Just look at the talent coming up. Yeah we have our little flaws but as soon as we start playing the young bloods, Mexico will be unstoppable. Can’t wait for the upcoming tournaments! Mexico will for sure shock the futbol world.

  2. Mexico will go far if we stop relaying on a shit load of old players and start playing youths and players in there good years/prime. Maybe 2 or 3 veterans like Marquez if he isn’t injuryed

      1. totally agree, Marquez had 3 world cups already. Its about time to change the system and try out the youngsters. If they do want a veteran then I hope its a Goal keeper.

    1. I don’t think there is any need of veterans no more..maybe on how good the play..but chicharito.guardado,vela,gio, etc. Already have a big tournament experience including a world cup, and they’re only in their mid 20’s

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