Mexicans Abroad 11/24-11/25

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez scored for Manchester United and ‘Vasco’ Aguirre returns to manage in Spain.


Hector Moreno (Espanyol)– Moreno was suspended during the 2-0 loss to Getafe. He will be out for the following game against Granada due to suspension. Next: Sevilla 11/28 Spanish Cup; Granada 12/2 La Liga

Andres Guardado (Valencia)– Guardado played 86 minutes in the 1-1 draw against Bayern. Valencia are in the knockout stages of the Champions League. He played 68 minutes in the 4-0 loss to Malaga. Next: Llagostera 11/28 Spanish Cup; Real Sociedad 12/1 La Liga

Jonathan Dos Santos (Barcelona )– Dos Santos remained on the bench for the 3-0 win against Spartak Moscow in the Champions League. He was left off the team sheet during the 4-0 win against Levante. Next: Alaves 11/28 Spanish Cup; Athletic 12/1 La Liga.

Anibal Zurdo(Sabadell)– Zurdo entered the 1-1 draw against Mirandes in the 57th minute. Next: Numancia 12/2

Ulises Davila(Sabadell)– Davila played all 90 minutes in the 1-1 draw against Mirandes. Numancia 12/2

Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad)– Vela played all 90 minutes in the 0-0 draw against Osasuna.Next: Cordoba 11/27 Spanish Cup; Valencia 12/1 La Liga.

Giovani Dos Santos (Mallorca)– Dos Santos returned to the field for 66 minutes during the 2-0 loss to Rayo. Next: Deportivo 11/28 Spanish Cup; Real Zaragoza 12/2 La Liga.


Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (Manchester United)– Hernandez played all 90 minutes during the 1-0 loss to Galatasaray in the Champions League. He made his way on to the field in the 59th minute and scored a goal in the 71st minute during the 3-1 win against Queens Park Rangers. Next: West Ham 11/28 Premier League; Reading 12/1 Premier League.


Guillermo Ochoa(Ajaccio)– Ochoa played all 90 minutes during the 1-1 draw against Nancy. Next: St. Etienne 11/30 La Ligue


Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodriguez (Stuttgart) – ‘Maza’ played all 90 minutes in the 5-1 win against Bucuresti in the Europa League. He played all 90 again in the 3-0 loss to Freiburg and received a yellow card in the 71st minute. Next: FC Augsburg 11/28 Bundesliga; SpVgg Fürth 12/1 Bundesliga.


Jose Manuel Rivera(RoPS)– Team has already won the league.


Maza has been linked to America in the Mexican league over the week.

Done Deals

Javier Aguirre is the new manager at Espanyol.

Updated to reflect correct date.


12 thoughts on “Mexicans Abroad 11/24-11/25”

  1. Damn I hated Aguirre.
    I hope no Mexicans follow him to Espanyol, coz he’ll ruin their careers too!

    But good week for Mexicans all in all. 🙂

    1. Hopefully he can pull Espanyol out of last place. But it is interesting to note that Barrera and Juarez joined his team in Spain when he last coached there and they had a bad time afterwards.

  2. I am hoping soon that many young bloods like Fabian, Enriquez, Mier, Torres Nilo, Peña, Herrera, etc make the jump to Europe. So much talent ready to make a huge scene internationally.

    1. If you really think about it in my opinion the guy who really needs to go to Europe is Torres Nilo. The way he plays he belongs in the premiere league.

      1. He could do really well there. Maybe a mid level team. Newcastle, Everton, etc. but I’ve heard that his most likely destination will be the German league. Also I heard Wolfsburg in Germany want Marco Fabian

      2. He’d do we’ll at a team like that. The mid table teams might not be so glamorous but it’s better to gain bearings at such a team and actually get playing time. Eventually the big moves will happen and the player will be more experienced.

  3. Is this the Mexicans abroad for December? Am I reading it wrong? It says 12/24-12/25. Either way, keep up the good work guys. I love this site!!

  4. Latest news: Diego Reyes was ready to sign a 6 million contract for Benfica of Portugal, but America wouldn’t let him leave til the summer of 2013. With the hopes of winning the league, then offloading the young central defender. Also Marco Fabian’s latest team in the chase for his signature, Ajax of Holland.

    1. Interesting about Reyes–thanks for the info. America would do well to hang on to him especially if he gets to go to the Confederations Cup.

      I’m not so sure about Fabian. Vergara said he wouldn’t let his players go until Chivas won something. I assume he was talking about Fabian, Chaton, Ponce…although maybe he’s had a change of heart?

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