2012 in review, what we learned

Mexico’s Gold victory gives the team a huge boost in confidence heading into 2013-14 (AP Photo)


Last year, Mexico was looking at a recap with a U-17 World cup, U-20 World cup third, Gold cup, Pan-American championship added in the trophy case. In 2012, Mexico proved many doubters wrong after winning the CONCACAF Olympics qualifiers, Toulon tournament, and of course the big one, Olympic gold (along with some other accolades i.e. Milk cup). I can say with confidence that Mexico’s future looks bright, and that statement holds water. With all of the action 2012 brought us, here is some things we learned…

 Depth is no longer a nightmare for Mexico:

The evolution of Mexico’s depth chart has been a breathe of fresh air for all Mexico supporters. Four years ago, we didn’t even have a consistent striker, let alone legitimate depth. Speculation can be made that the age-cap at Copa América gave valuable experience to some of the 2012 Olympic stars. The up-and-comers have potential that is undeniable. Regardless of what is the major cause, Chepo is now able to feel more comfortable than any manager in recent history.

Friendlies prove Mexico cannot sleep on any opponent:

Mexico was extremely close to having a perfect record in 2011 with friendlies, only falling late to Brazil 1-2. Although, in 2012, Mexico started off very poor. A 0-2 loss to Colombia, and U-23 loss to the Unites States really caused Mexico to take a step back. Granted, at the end of the day, Mexico achieved everything they wanted. Although, friendlies like the Olympic team losses to Spain and Japan are almost erased in the minds of Mexico’s fan-base. However, when Mexico rides too high, it does have a tendency to give opponents an edge. I hate whenever Mexico loses, but I believe the losses in 2012 will benefit Mexico greatly.

2012 offers much needed hope:

2013-14 will be huge times for this new era of Mexican football. No matter was critics say, Mexico has never seen this much success and potential at all levels. Victory is no guarantee, but Mexico no longer needs to carry around the old mentality of “Jugamos como nunca y perdimos como siempre.” Heading into the 2010 World cup, Mexico did have its first golden generation starting their inclusion to the senior side, and there was a definite spark. With the new achievements, the golden generation only grows in a way that Mexico couldn’t have imagined at the end of the last World cup. As fans, we have hope not only for next year, but for many years to come.

Vamos Mexico!


5 thoughts on “2012 in review, what we learned”

  1. Cool. I’m looking forward to another Championship next year. Either in U20, U17, Confederation’s Cup, or Gold Cup at least. Maybe even two trophies! 🙂 but yeah we can’t rest out laurels we have to improve always so the USNT doesn’t catch up.

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