Mexicans Abroad 11/17-11/18

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez may not have been able to save Manchester United from defeat, but check out the other Mexicans abroad that helped contribute to their teams’ success.


Hector Moreno (Espanyol)– Moreno started and played 88 minutes in the 2-1 loss to Valencia. He was given a yellow card in the 86th and gave away a penalty. He was given a red card in the 88th minute for protesting. Next: Getafe 11/25 La Liga

Andres Guardado (Valencia)– Guardado played all 90 minutes and got a yellow card in the 60th minute. Next: Bayern 11/20 Champions League; Malaga 11/24 La Liga

Jonathan Dos Santos (Barcelona )– On the bench for the 3-1 win against Real Zaragoza. Next: Spartak Moscow 11/20 Champions League; Levante 11/25 La Liga

Anibal Zurdo(Sabadell)– Remained on the bench for the 5-2 win against Recreativo. Next: 11/24 Mirandes

Ulises Davila(Sabadell)– Davila scored twice during Sabadell’s 5-2 win against Recreativo. He also played all 90 minutes of the game. Next: Mirandes 11/24

Power Ulises vs Recreativo (18-11-2012) by futbolsapiens

Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad)– Vela played 81 minutes during the 4-0 win against Rayo Vallecano. He played in his 50th game with Sociedad and celebrated with two goals. Next: Osasuna 11/23 La Liga.

Gol de Vela vs Rayo @SpheraChannel by SpheraChannel

Doblete de Carlos Vela @SpheraChannel by SpheraChannel

Giovani Dos Santos (Mallorca)– Injured. Expected back in about two weeks. Next: Rayo 11/24 La Liga


Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (Manchester United)– Played 69 minutes during the 1-0 loss to Norwich. Next: Galatasaray 11/20 Champions League; QPR 11/24 Premier League


Guillermo Ochoa(Ajaccio)– Ochoa played all 90 minutes in the 1-0 loss to Sochaux. He made a couple of saves that prevented his team from receiving more goals. Next: Nancy 11/24 La Ligue


Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodriguez (Stuttgart) – ‘Maza’ returned to the line up with 90 minutes during the 2-1 win against Mochengladbach. Next: Bucuresti 11/22 Europa League; Freiburg 11/25 Bundesliga


Jose Manuel Rivera(RoPS)– Team has already won the league.


9 thoughts on “Mexicans Abroad 11/17-11/18”

  1. I’m glad this site exist! I read nothing but positive articles on our MEX players & national team. Bleacher Report just had an article on why Hernandez should come off the bench for united, when the united midfield was the real problem. Thanks for all the news & updates Viva Tri Report!!!!

    1. Glad you found us! We try to provide the best news possible whether it’s positive or negative. Lately it seems like things in general have all be positive but we won’t post something just to get hits.

  2. Vela and Davila both deserve call up to the national squad. Would love to see them both play…dare I say a Chicharito – Vela duo. Imagine that line up with Dos Santos behind them and Guardado and Aquino on the sides! Wow! Even Fabian in that mix along with Reyna as subs, Mexico is starting to look stacked.

    1. Vela’s absence has been for too long. Hopefully the problems with Vela and the NT get resolved in this upcoming qualifying cycle. It’s definitely exciting to see how Mexico is building. Other times mays have been exciting, but this time around the players are seriously making cases on the world stage.

  3. No puedo ver los rumores… Lo que quero ver is Vela and Gio play together again they both play exciting football. Miro todos sus partidos cuando puedo even though there team sucks.

      1. No problem Andrea 🙂 I have a good idea! Do a blog asking ” who was the surprise player of 2012?” Good debates I believe on that one!

  4. There are a bunch of rumors floating around. Fransico “el maza” Rodriguez is still being linked to chivas. Carlos “gullit” Pena of Leon is being linked to Spain, most notable Real Socieadad. Luis Montes of Leon as well is being linked to Liverpool. Jorge Enriquez of Chivas is being linked to England. No word on what team, and Marco Fabian of chivas is being linked to Italy, and Spain. Hector Herrera hasn’t been in the media of late but still has a connection with Liverpool and other EPL teams. Marco Bueno still is being linked with Liverpool.

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