Quick El Tri headlines & Hex update: November 8th, 2012

Look for Marco Fabian to continue his great career with Mexico in 2013 (Getty)


Now onto the big updated on Hexagonal World cup qualifying. Here is Mexico’s schedule…

February 6th, 2013: Mexico vs Jamaica (in Mexico)
March 22nd, 2013: Honduras vs Mexico (in Honduras)
March 26th, 2013: Mexico vs USA (in Mexico)
June 4th, 2013: Jamaica vs Mexico (in Jamaica)
June 7th, 2013: Panama vs Mexico (in Panama)
June 11th, 2013: Mexico vs Costa Rica (in Mexico)
September 6th, 2013: Mexico vs Honduras (in Mexico)
September 10th, 2013: USA vs Mexico (in USA)
October 11th, 2013: Mexico vs Panama (in Mexico)
October 15th, 2013: Costa Rica vs Mexico (in Costa Rica)

The schedule looks pretty solid for Mexico. I personally think Jamaica at home is the best way to kick off the final round. 2013 will be a very big year for our beloved El Tri, but i think we are going to be very happy. I believe management needs to relay one message; “Line em’ up and knock em’ down.” The ball is in Mexico’s court and there is no reason we cannot finish top of the region.

It’s game time El Tri fans.

Vamos Mexico!


15 thoughts on “Quick El Tri headlines & Hex update: November 8th, 2012”

  1. I will have to agree with you Bryan, the line up looks very good in favor of El Tri. Jamaica are by surprise not doing to bad this qualification. As for Honduras and USA this are the hardest competition so to play them first and get some points in the first 3 games its great schedule. Cant wait till Feb. when the final test for Brasil 2014 starts back up, keep up the good work with your articles. Its hard for a Mexican to get top news living in Malaysia, need to rely on good articles from your page.

    1. Thank you Jorge! I also agree Honduras early is great. Although I do believe Costa Rica will be a big surprise. However, Mexico controls its own destiny!
      Ya se armó.

      1. yeap cant forget about Costa Rica, they will put on a good fight. Well once this is done and El Tri secure a ticket to Brasil then I can start planning my trip to Brasil. I have a feeling its going to be one of the greatest cups ever!

  2. It has to be Jorge. Although on paper 2018 should be our greatest chance, there is no reason we can’t be contenders in Brasil. We should be a definite dark-horse. Speed, chemistry, and battle tested. El Tri “skeptics” keep trying to look at the past results…but they fail to realize Mexico has NEVER had this much success on all levels in its footballing history!

    1. Exactly true Bryan, so many trophies this year and last : Holland, Belgium,Japan, Scotland, u17, u20 ect. its hard to keep up and stream all the matches hahaha. But its going to only get better as long as the Federation MX doesn’t get in the way and lets the Chepo and Tena continue their progress, its looking bright!!! Cant wait to see what kit mexico uses next year , has to be one of adidas top sellers worldwide.

      1. I think they will have a white kit for sure. I hope they have three total. Getting rid of the black would be a bad idea in my opinion. And I agree, I can only pray that Chepo choses the correct team for Brazil. We cannot hope to add a bunch of veterans who are out of synch in hopes they will have the best tournament of their life. Youth is our future, build the chemistry now.

  3. I agree focus on youth! I hated how aguirre ruined mexicos chances on the last world cup by starting franco, temo (in the uruguay game) not starting guardado, just bad coaching. Give the kids a chance, like herrera and chaton in the middle, let torrado castro and them go, its the kids time to prove what they got

    1. Too much talent, and frankly the Olympic side proved so many wrong. They did things some vets couldn’t even pull off. As I said, the last thing I want to hear after Brasil 2014 is an experienced player saying “I didn’t feel fit for the tournament.” We have loads of talents on the rise, and we have a decade of serious tournaments to do damage in!

  4. i think that some of the older paisas like nery,castro,torrado and even corona give the aztecas a extra punch of experience and great technical twist to some of the up coming youngsters like fabian,mier,cabrera.etc but hey every is has an oppinion. keep it paisa echale ganas riata neta viva mexico

    1. I agree to some extent maybe have 1 or may 2 veterans on the team but I dont agree with Nerry, Castro and especially Torrado being one of them. This guys should be done with el tri especially the next world cup. The veterans should be Maza and Corona. Too bad Maza is having a tough time in Stuttgart at the moment.

  5. agree both Ayala and Mier are capable, but I always like the H.Moreno & Maza in CB position. Before we couldnt find decent players now its just getting hard cause the liga MX players are up to par with the Euro players.

    1. It was mentioned on futbol picante but didn’t say anything was official. I have seen some other friendly rumors stirring around too for before the confederations cup!

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