Young Mexicans getting no love?

Despite recent success, many publications aren’t talking about Mexican youngsters like Enriquez (AP)


I am always reading numerous articles on the sport of football. It seems when you leave the realm of Latin American media, the recognition of Mexican youngsters is nonexistent. Not too long after the Olympics, I read an article on BleacherReport about top up and coming footballers under 21. The list included many great names…but not a single Mexican. I find this very strange considering Mexico has a slew of really sought after prospects from the U-17 to the Olympic squad. Diego Reyes has been a hot topic for some Portugese teams. His Olympic peer, Jorge Enriquez, has been creating much buzz ever since his Bronze ball award at the 2011 U-20 World cup.

It isn’t just BleacherReport either, but many publications. Before the Olympics, not even a single Mexican was mentioned for top scorer of the competition. All while Marco Fabian scored 7 goals at the Toulon tournament. I believe he was worthy of some attention heading into London 2012. In a recent Four Four Two issue (a magazine I read regularly and subscribe to), there is another article on young prospects on the brink of greatness. Again, much to my chagrin, no Mexicans.

Do not get me wrong, the players the articles are mentioning are worthy of their recognition. However, with a recent 2011 U-17 World cup title, 3rd at the 2011 U-20 World cup, 2011 Pan-American champions, and 2012 Olympic Gold, I can’t help but wonder…where is the love?

So, El Tri fans, what do you think? Answer the poll, and do not be afraid to discuss. Let’s hear your thoughts!

Vamos Mexico!


15 thoughts on “Young Mexicans getting no love?”

  1. Bleacher Report is biased against anything Mexican. I honestly careless about anything they have to say. They once had an article over the top 5 teams at the Olympics, and as you can guess Mexico wasn’t on there eventually winning the tournament. They also wrote an article over how Mexico was going to loose against Japan in the semifinals and Brazil in the Final, which Mexico won both of those games. They wrote on how Mexico was going to play “poorly and boring” against Guyana, they ended up winning 5-0. I do agree Mexican youths are underestimated, but the can be successful in Europe. Bleacher Report is a joke, but this website and the articles you and Andrea write are really good. That’s why I always check back here for new reports. Keep up the good work 😀

    1. Thank you! We try to keep up quality info. I thought this topic was good for discussion with fans. Like I said, it wasn’t just bleacher, but some really well respected publications. I sometimes scratch my head on why there are no mentions of guys like Pulido, Chaton, Bueno etc. Let’s hope 2013 will wake them up more with all the action going on!

  2. Bleacher report is a pretty good sports media site, but sometimes they are a bit biased. They favor the Americans(but how can you blame them if they support the USMNT) over anything else. I kid you not, bleacher report had about 7 different articles about “USA FINALLY CONQUERS AZTECA”(in a friendly) but when Mexico won the Olympics only 1 came out.

    Some bleacher report writers are such USA fanboys, that they try to hide the lack of up-and-coming talent USA has by not showing mexicos talent. So basically, they don’t want Mexico to look like they are far ahead of USA.

    But I will admit that B/R is a good site to entertain yourself with and they are improving with their unbiasedness(I don’t know if that’s a word). And there are a couple of writers that will admit Mexico is better than USA right now. Recently there was an article of top 25 teenagers and Mexicos Candido Ramirez was on the list.

    1. Wow that’s great they added Candido. I will say, being from Cleveland, the Cleveland sports writers are very good and on point. But the one list I mentioned was on the world football part of the site, so I don’t think bias was involved, which is why it’s so mysterious why no Mexicans were added (and being right after the Olympics!).

  3. Yea man more good stuff as always. But I’ve not given up completely on B/R,(even tho their lead writer is a lady who tries her best but sometimes just scribbles BS imo).
    Though out of the major writers, this guy Eric Gomez from is a very cool guy to read coz he’s always bringing that El Tri fan perspective that’s lacking in English media,(not the country the language). Either way let em sleep on us. They wanna overrate a “league” that’s 38th best in the world compared to a league that’s 9th, well that’s Europe’s problem coz that just means that we get to see them succeed in Liga MX at least.
    Keep up the good stuff guys, really makes my days when I hear stuff like this.

      1. Lol I didn’t know that was him on that podcast. I subbed to it 3 weeks ago and he sounds kinda like a paisa lol but he’s cool.
        They have very bad technicians on that show tho coz even my friends make better recordings just messing around on the iPad than them.
        #VivaMexico and VivaObama 😀

      2. Actually I was tempted to write them about that. They need assigned spots when to speak, because sometimes all three begin to say something and you can’t distinguish what is trying to be said.

  4. Let them underestimate our players. That’s fine. We’ll continue to take them by storm and then they’ll be talking. Viva Mexico! And good job with these articles. Keep up the good work.

  5. I read BR report and they have great articles but I do agree that they are biased towards Americans. The best site for Mexican news is this one (great site by the way)and,mediotempo

  6. i don’t know but you guys never talk about my boy nery flipping castillo,look pachuca at this moment is a joke just like pumas.but my boy is going to back on track soon,o you’ll see mark my words you haven’t the last of my nery. viva mexico cabrones

    1. Thank you for your concern on Nery. Unfortunately, since he plays in Liga MX, and has not been part of El Tri in quite some time, we can’t do much updating on him. If he makes a move abroad, or is called by Chepo, we will be sure to report it.

  7. ive left messages on your awesome page about nery previously.thank you for your response paisa la neta paisa that i respect you and your page.

    1. Please keep stopping by. We love to hear from the fans. If Nery makes a big impact then he will be in our articles. But if not, we still have a big future and much to be excited about. Ya se armó!

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