Quick El Tri headlines: October 27th, 2012


Many of Mexico’s foes seem to be trying to avoid them at all costs (femexfut)
  •  The CONCACAF could not agree on a schedule for the Hexagonal, which leaves the decision up to FIFA. There should be a finalized schedule done in November. It is said that none of the regional foes wanted to play Mexico at the end of qualifying. 
  • Mexico will have very little break after the World cup in 2014. Copa América will now be played back to back years (2015-16). Moreover, the 2016 edition will be hosted in the United States.
  • Mexico’s first game of 2013 is looking to be against Denmark in Phoenix.
  • Diego Reyes has been catching the eye of some Portugese clubs. A move that could expand his impressive career even more.
  • El Tri will be sporting a new white kit in 2013.

8 thoughts on “Quick El Tri headlines: October 27th, 2012”

  1. It’s October 25th haha…but anyways, mexico will be playing a tournament every summer from 2013-2019! Can’t wait!
    And also I hope Reyes goes to Porto, he deserves it.
    i haven’t ever seen Mexico play Denmark and Denmark have some quality players(Bendtner, Agger, Eriksen, etc.) so I guess it will present a new challenge.
    Lastly, I like the white kits but hopefully they sport the uniform ALL WHITE instead of red/green socks.

    1. I meant headlines for the week of the 27th. Maybe I am just a little too ready for the weekend lol.
      I cannot believe how busy this decade will be for Mexico. I think Denmark is a great fixture. Something a little different than Venezuela or Ecuador.

      1. I think with all the tournaments Mexico has been winning its catched the eyes of Europe. It’s nice to see Mexico moving foward & playing these real challenging teams.

  2. Nice. I also heard that Liverpool is after Leon midfielder Luis Montes. Any other word on this? I’ve never seen him play, is he good enough?

    1. This is new to me as well. The midfielder that was making the most noise was Peña, but doesn’t mean Montes isn’t targeted. We’ll keep an eye on it.

  3. Man I just found you guys from you’re old location at WC blog. Glad to see you guys are still going stronger than ever. 🙂

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