Off topic: Projecting Mexico’s 2013 Gold cup squad

The Gold cup could be a great time for Davila to show his talents (Reuters)


2013 will be a crazy year for Mexico. From Hexagonal matches, Gold cup, to the Confederations cup. El Tri will have a lot on its plate. Many fans may not even be thinking about the Gold cup, but it can be a great time to try out some up and comers for Mexico. Here is a prediction for how the roster could look like…

Goalkeepers: Talavera, Michel, Jose Antonio Rodriguez

Defenders: Joel Huiqui, Darvin Chavez, Vidrio, Diego Reyes, Nestor Araujo, Miguel Ponce, Hugo Rodriguez, Efrain Velarde

Midfielders: David Cabrera, Ulises Davila, Javier Cortes, Carlos Salcido, Christian Bermudez, Edgar Andrade, Manuel Viniegra, Daniel Ludueña

Forwards: Aldo de Nigris, Alan Pulido, Edson Rivera

There are a lot of young names I am predicting for this roster. I think many who participated in the Olympic qualifying tournament will be on the team for the Gold cup. Many might be a little shocked to see Ludueña on the roster, as he is Argentinian born (and never played internationally). However, he could add experience to Mexico, and has shown interest in being capped as a Mexican. In addition, I feel Corona, Ochoa, and Orozco will be in Brazil, so Talavera could be a great addition as keeper.

How do you all like this prediction? It is a little hard to make a roster like this, because many names could pop up as favorites for the Confederations cup over night. Although, this is a solid roster to defend the reign as Gold cup champions.

Vamos Mexico!


21 thoughts on “Off topic: Projecting Mexico’s 2013 Gold cup squad”

  1. This line-up would get youngsters a chance to play and show off their talents. But idk y Mexico wouldn’t take their A Squad, the Confeds Cup and Gold Cup are on 2 seperate months and they should try to go out and defend their title.

    1. I think there would be too much burn out from Confederations cup, and with hexagonal still going on after the tournaments, you can still try out some new names with the different squads.

  2. Maybe Jonathan dos Santos could get another chance. That is if he doesn’t reject another call up. Also, If Vela doesn’t get called up for the Confederation Cup, maybe he’ll play in the Gold Cup.

    As for the GK, I’d like to see what Hugo Gonzalez can do. I think he’s a solid, young GK as is Jose Antonio Rodriguez.

    Rafa Marquez should be called up for experience as well. I like Miguel Sabah better than Aldo de Nigris. Aldo is too slow for me IMO. Overall pretty good list.

    1. Thank you! It is hard to come up with one, but I think it’s something to ponder at this present time. I actually agree with you on the gk situation. We may not even need Michel. This could be another time for JDS, but I have a feeling he will be fighting for a confederations spot. Only time will tell!

  3. I would like to see ulises davila and edson rivera called up, ever since they left to europe they havent been called up i think. My opinion on what we should do is, for the confed in brazil there is a 23 man roster, you dont use all 23 in the tourny give the players who didnt play PT in the gold cup, example basing it off what chepo is using now, ochoa in goal could start the whole GC since corona would play in the confed. Probably not happening but it would be nice to know what we have on the bench and also giving chaton, herrera, vela, jds a shot to prove themselves if by that time they havent claimed starting spots.

  4. Brian, you took on a difficult task for sure. I still would like to see Cirilo Saucedo in goal for the NT. The gold cup could be a good opportunity for that. Hope you are right about JDS fighting for a confederations team spot.

    1. Confed is the major cup to focus on. But I think this type of squad is very solid. Believe it or not (and rumor has it) a Gold cup victory, along with a top 4 finish at Confed could help Mexico get seeded at 2014.

  5. i cant imagine chepo not calling vela and jds…for the hex and cofeds…i also think you left out CANDIDO,CUBO nester calderon,raul jimenez and hiram mier …plus do you think any of the u17 world cup champs ..get a crack i’m thinking escamilla,espericuta and fierro ..

  6. el joven bueno,espericueta,la momia gomez.theres also that half italion dude that plays in a second divion italy team.theres alsow a couple of cats in younger sub 17 sub 20 teams viva mexico

  7. Nice article or post. Whatever it’s called it’s a good read. Tho I’d like to say that I think Aruajo won’t get called up anymore coz he’s out of form and many of the other guys like Andrade & Cortes etc wont get called either.
    De Negris is simply terrible and should be replaced by Raul Jiménez.
    And I don’t think Luduena would join El Tri coz he’s really proud of the little area where he’s from.

  8. I’ll add some names to the list. Vaquerito Morales from Chivas seems a very interesting prospect. He is 20 so obviously he is not going to the U 20 World Cup. Jeronimo Amione too in case he gets regular playing time for Atlante. Seems they already forgot about him. He scored the winner againts Argentina in the Panamericanos. He was going to be in Toulon as well but got injured. I feel bad for him. He has talent but La Volpe prefers his extranjeros ahead of him. Atlante needs to start caring for their youth.
    Orrantía and Herrera from Pumas. As you know Orrantía was a teammate of Dávila in the U20 World Cup. I even remember Dávila settting up a play for Orrantía to score the tie against Cameroon. They could work well together. Also, Charal (Orrantía ) is very versatile. He can play as winger/midfielder/wingback on both sides. And Herrera (Eduardo) is showing some nice details of his quality. He is typical center forward, can hold the ball well, his a great header, kicks it with both feet and most importantly he can assist despie being a target man. Luis Fuentes from UNAM might be a good choice. He is quite a good RB.
    Oscar “Kevin” Rojas from Pachuca seems to have recover his form that took him to El Tri before. He is old but his experience could help the youngsters. Burrito Hernandez too. He is slowly showing the talent that took him from Chiapas to Pachuca and to be taken in consideration for the Tri Sub 23. Arreola and Cota could also get call up.
    From Touluca I think Gerardo Rodriguez and Hector Acosta could get call up. Rodriguez had a superb season with Toluca and Acosta is a promising youngster who played in the las U 20 World Cup. He is starting to show his potential under Ojitos Meza. Carlos Esquivel deserves a call up in my opinion. He did enough merits with Toluca. He is versatile, can play on either flank as a winger/fullback/midfielder. He has a never say die attitude. I admire him. And while he isn’t a youngster his experience can be helpful for the kids.
    From Atlas, Chivo Gallardo the GK seems a good prospect even though he rarely plays, when he does he always looks solid. He is part of the Generacion Dorada of Peru. Vigon and Bocanegra seem interesting prospects. Both midfielders. Bocanegra was considered for the Pre-Olimpico. H was born in the US so México might as well call him to play a FIFA match before the US does.
    Conejito Brizuela might get called up too. He was part of the Panamerican and Pre-Olimpic squad. Jahir Barraza is another interesting Atlas youngster. He was to be considered to the Pre-Olimpico but due to indiscipline he was left out. He is quite talented though. Razo might be called up. He is quite a solid RB. Don’t be surprised if Flaco Tena calls him since he knows him well because he was his coach at Jaguares and Morelia.
    From Tigres Kike Palos could be an option. He isn’t very solid but you never stop learning as a GK.Hugo Ayala and Israel Jiménez are good options too. Alberto Acosta is other interesting Tigres youngster. He is not that young but his an interesting player.
    Others I can think of are Sabah and Marquez Lugo. They’re old but they’re very experienced. Also from Chivas there are Víctor Perales the rookie of the Apertura in my opinion, and el Patroncito Kristian Álvarez. He has vast experience. Was also a member of the U 17 World Cup in Nigeria and the U 20 in Colombia. Chapo Sánchez coul also be an option and even Reynoso due to his experience.

    There’s literally hundrends of players to choose from and that’s a good thing. That means México is producing lots of talented players with the level to play in the national team.
    I hope Tena calls the best players in the best form and also gives the youth a chance. He has prove than he can work with youngsters as good as with more mature players and can also form a strong group of players in a sane and safe environment.
    I think even with the B or C team México can win the Gold Cup againts the other A teams of Concacaf. That squad for the Gold Cup should be in route for the future World Cups of Russia and Qatar.

  9. Chuletita Orozco might be an alternative to Edson Rivera. I think Rivera won’t get too much playing time at Atlas due to Omar Bravo and Vuoso.
    I’m thinking also about Luis Ángel Mendoza from San Luis and César de la Peña from Rayados.

    We’ll see what Tena decides. I’m confident in him. The future looks very bright for the Mexican Natl. team.

    1. Forgot about Reyna and Darío Carreño. Both former Rayados players now at Pachuca. If Reyna gets his head straight he can be an important player for any team. And Carreño could be an important player from the bench. Like a super sub.

      1. I think this will be a very interesting cup for Mexico. It will help build the roster up, but could also be a nice send off for some veterans (Salcido, de Nigris, Huiqui, even though Huiqui is one of my favorite players). I would say by 2015 Mexico will FINALLY have more than one solid roster. We could have up to 3 top tier squads!

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