Revival of “El Bombardero rojo”

With 14 goal at Real Sociedad, it is time Vela returns to Mexico (Mexsport)


It has been a very long time since El Tri has seen Carlos Vela in uniform. Since 2011, Carlos has been with Real Sociedad, and ever since, much controversy has surrounded his name. There are many opinions on the forward, both positive and negative. I am on the side that believes Carlos is a great contribution to the Mexican national side. While others believe his chances are simply over with. It was his denial to represent Mexico at the Olympics that caused the biggest stir. However, I say that his absence only strengthened lesser known players. One of which was Raul Jimenez, who had a big game against Senegal, and has had a great run with Club América ever since.

I will agree that his denial to play against Colombia was not in the best tastes, but his denial of the Olympic side only was to strengthen his role with Real Sociedad (similar to Jonathan Dos Santos). Carlos has made several comments that he would be more than happy to return to the El Tri, and there are many reasons Mexico must call him as soon as possible.

  • He has great ball control and dribbling ability.
  • He is fast; both with the ball, and in the attack.
  • Great penalty taker (an aspect Mexico is very inconsistent with).
  • Solid with both feet.
  • Great at chips and clutch shots. He is simply a clinical finisher.
  • His consistency with Real Sociedad is worth another call with Mexico.
  • A call up with only strengthen Mexico’s attack with Giovani, Chicharito, Marco, Guardado etc.
  • He can be a starter or a super sub, without losing any rhythm.
  • He was a leader in the 2005 U-17 World cup championship and the 2009 Gold cup.
  • He is 23 years young.

I hope that the fans who are upset with Vela can really look at one major point…he is 23. He has a lot of talent, and at the young age of 23, he can offer many years of service with Mexico. I know that he would have helped Mexico’s Olympic squad, but that is exactly why we need him now. We have a lot of players who have these major on and off days. One day Aldo de Nigris puts in two against Wales, and then he can’t finish anything against El Salvador. From looking at his crucial play in Spain, it is time Vela makes his resurrection with our beloved El Tri.

Vamos Mexico!

18 thoughts on “Revival of “El Bombardero rojo””

  1. Great article. People just don’t understand that Vela (and JDS) denying the call up was the best choice for mexico. We already know how good of players they are. It gave the lesser known players a chance to show what they got and get interest from European teams. If Vela played, Raul Jimenez wouldn’t have gotten a chance. If JDS played, Herrera or Chaton wouldn’t have gotten playing time.

    I really hope he gets called up. Vela is one of our best players and we need our best players to compete against the best teams in the world.

    I’m thinking Chepo might call Vela (and maybe JDS) up to play in the Gold Cup 2013 with the b-team to prove himself and to prove his loyalty to Mexico. I hope I’m wrong, we need him for the qualifiers and Confederation Cup.

    1. Everything that was written was true except for the “clutch” part. With the senior side of mexico he has not been clutch not even close, as a fwd id take chicharito in bad form over him and at left wing guardado has much better crosses, good player but he wouldnt start in my opinion. Also he is injury prone

      1. I am going to have to kinda disagree with you Ricardo. I think injury prone is a bit harsh, especially with how many injuries El Tri has had in 2012. I mean Chich has had two ankle injuries, and a head injury, but I wouldn’t hesitate to call him up. In addition, I think you have to look at Vela’s play with RS and some games have been indeed clutch. I mean, he came on into the 70th minute against Barcelona and put RS in the game with a goal against one of the powerhouses of La Liga. But I agree that Guardado is locked in at left winger, but Vela can take over as a sub anywhere in our attacking play. I think this is a huge asset to Mexico’s future. Moreover, he won’t even be 30 by the 2018 WC, which is pretty incredible.

    2. Jj: Rumor has it that both Hernandez and Moreno told their clubs to deny their call to the Olympics. So it wasn’t just JDS and Vela. Just as you said, it has only given experience to our lesser known young stars.

      1. Thats why i put with mexico he hasnt been clutch, im not talkn about RS he is goin through a good moment now with them. With that said him being clutch with RS wont automatically translate into mexico. All im saying is he probably wouldnt be a starter, yes good sub i agree with that. And it would be nice to have him as a sub, but if not oh well, i think mexico has plenty talent and good youth to replace him. Again he never really contributed that much to the senior side like gio or chicharito to where you NEED him, even as a sub, so i dont see him as a must or a huge asset like you mention. And olympic team did just fine without him. So has the senior side. Not a vela hater at all good player, im just not convinced, Great site btw always come here to look up mexico news

      2. I understand a lot of your points. I’m glad there is a lot of discussion on this article. Opinion articles are just that…opinion. I agree he isn’t as valuable as Gio, but I have a gut feeling he will surprise us when/if he returns. We here at TriReport like when fans like yourself back what you say, and we want to continue to give you solid up to date info!

  2. He would be a crack playing cf or cam behide Hernandez just like giovani does but Gio can play RW since that spot is open anyways

      1. Well im not to sure about Fabian but Vela could play any attacking position but do to Guardado and Gio he would best fit in as forward or right winger. I want to see Gio, Guardado, Herrera and Reyna, and Vela all play together. They are El Tri master minds on the pitch.

  3. my DEF- OF CARLOS….he is a quick player with good size 4 cam/cf good under pressure nice movement also…
    his vision is what sets him apart …if vela, guardado ,gio,hernandez are all in the same line-up that grants a automatic win versus any concacaf team nd will give us a shot against any 1 …my wish line-up 4-2-3-1 beast
    andres carlos gio
    herrea chaton
    nillo reyes moreno jimenez

    1. I like it Man, That’s exactly the line up I was thinking of, except Reyes might be a little to young but if we start incorporating him now on the A team he could replace masa by 2013 or 2014

  4. I think we need to bring the best players to play against the best teams in the world. Vela is only 23 he has so much potential he needs to be part of El Tri. He is only going to get better forget about what he did and start thinking about what he can do. He could end up playing (cam) behind chicharito with gio to his right and guardado to his left. We are going to need all the players we can find for 2014!!!!!!

    1. Yes sir. Hit it on the head, we have a lot of promise in our offense. And with Gio playing at a high level in La Liga…I am extremely excited about what is to come!

  5. No doubt mexicos best line-up


    3 subs: Herrera, Reyna, Barerra

  6. Good read but I’m never gonna change my opinion on him. He’s not Mexicano anymore he’s much more Spanish than he is Mexican. He resents Mexico and liga MX. Most of what I’m sayin is unfounded but simply are opinions.
    But this is fact, that whether Chepo calls him up or not is that he has to be completely online with Chepo and all the coaches, and he has to give his all for Mexico and leave nothing on the pitch. If Chepo feels he’s not in that state like lesser Strikers are than so be it. He has to build a TEAM that can play as a cohesive unit. If Vela feels like he can show up to the training and just do what he normally would and play how he feels he should than he shouldn’t get called up. He snubbed Mexico when in reality he’s not playing at an extremely top club like JDS where minutes are few and precious. He’s playing for one of the lower teams in La Liga. And I never liked how he plays as a winger/striker because to me it just looks lazy. He never makes runs chasing down the goalkeepers or loose balls like Chicharo does which to me reeks of more laziness.
    Either way if he’s gonna give it all for El Tri, than no-brainer call him up coz he’s one of the best players we could have.
    But if he’s not, than absolutely no. And atm I simply feel like he wouldn’t.

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