Mexico 2, El Salvador 0: Clean sweep

Mexico completed the third round of qualification unscathed (The Associated Press)


El Salvador took on Mexico at Estadio Corona on Tuesday night. The game started off heavily in favor of Mexico, as the possession was very lopsided. Mexico riffled off tons of shots in the first half, but nothing found the back of the net. It almost was eerie how many shots there were to have a final of 2-0. Aldo de Nigris had a few major opportunities to both shoot and assist on goal chances. However, the forward clearly seemed to lack his usual self. Angel Reyna took over much of the control on attacks for El Tri. He had a definite “pep” in his step, and he continued to pressure the El Salvador defense throughout. Much to Mexico’s chagrin, they went into the half tied.

One of the new starters, Carlos Peña (Club Leon), helped Mexico on several opportunities. He even drew a clear penalty that was not called. It was a nice first start with the national team for Peña, only adding more depth into the hex. A goal was finally achieved in the 64th minute from Oribe Peralta. The goal came off a deflection which Peralta capitalized on. A second goal found its way in thanks to Chicharito in the 85th minute. Elias Hernandez crossed the ball to an attacking Chicharito, as he shot a screamer into the net.

There were some definite notable names in this match. After having a long time off from El Tri, Huiqui came in and did a terrific job in place of Moreno. Chaton Enriquez continues to impress the more he plays, to say the least. He was all over the pitch, causing problems for El Salvador on both sides of the ball. Alongside Chaton, Herrera was subbed in and made an instant impact. He almost scored, only to be denied by the crossbar. The energy from the team was unmatchable, and although it took 64 minutes to score, the squad was in total rhythm. There were no players that stood out negatively. With exception of some poor finishing, Mexico didn’t have any major problems.

The schedule for the final round of qualification will be released shortly, and we will keep you all updated. Moreover, how do you think Mexico will do in the hex? Mexico’s foes will be Jamaica, Honduras, Panama, United States, and Costa Rica. There will be some difficult matches, but Mexico seems to be more prepared than I can ever remember. This isn’t your El Tri of 2008…we have a new generation on our hands.

Vamos Mexico!


7 thoughts on “Mexico 2, El Salvador 0: Clean sweep”

    1. When does the match fixtures come out? I’d love to see what the first matchups will be. Also, in the hexagonal does each team play each other at least once or twice?

  1. I was impressed how well Herrera played and immediately made an impact. He will be a difference maker for years to come. Can’t wait for the Hex, Confederations & Gold Cup.

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