Mexico 5, Guyana 0: Glorified exhibition

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez in the game against Guyana(Photo credit MEXSPORT).

Mexico continued with their perfect record in World Cup qualifying with a 5-0 win against Guyana in Houston, Texas on Friday night.

The game had been originally been scheduled to take place in Guyana, but the federations agreed to switch it to the United States. Guyana had no opportunities to qualify to the hexagonal, and Mexico secured their place in the next phase during previous dates.

Although quiet in the first half, goals continuously rolled in to the back of the net in the last 15 minutes of the game.

Mexico: Jonathan Orozco, Francisco Rodríguez; Gerardo Torrado (Jorge Enríquez, 39’); Sinha (Angel Reyna, 73’); Javier Aquino; Javier Hernández; Héctor Moreno; Israel Jiménez (Elías Hernández, 58’); Andrés Guardado; Oribe Peralta; Jorge Torres Nilo

Guyana: Derrick Carter;Nicholas Millington (Anthony Abrams, 73’); Jamal Smith; Walter Moore; Ricky Shakes; Dwain Jacobs; Christopher Nurse; Gregory Richardson; Charles Pollard; Shawn Beveney (Kester Jacobs, 66’); Trayon Bobb

Mexico looked to get on the score sheet early in the match when ‘El Tri’ was awarded a penalty as ‘Chicharito’ was brought down in the box.

In the fourth minute ‘Chicharito’ stepped up to take the shot but hit the post and kept the score even in the first minutes of the game.

Hernandez’s miss seemed to follow him for the rest of the game.

Javier Aquino had the next opportunity in the ninth minute. He ran down the length of the left side of the field and flicked over the Guyana goalkeeper, but the ball hit the post.

The goals began to fall in the 77th minute with the first one scored by Andres Guardado. The Valencia man took a left footed shot from outside the box and with a slight deflection got Mexico on the scoresheet.

Two minutes later Oribe Peralta added the second goal with a pass from Hernandez. Hernandez set up the ball and Peralta simply had to push it in two an empty goal.

After several missed opportunities, it seemed like Hernandez had finally gotten his name on the score sheet in the 83rd minute. He shook off several defenders in the box, but it was Pollard who sent the ball in to the back of his own net for Mexico’s 3-0 lead.

A minute later it was finally ‘Chicharito’s’ opportunity. Guardado sent in a pass and ‘Chicharito’ headed the ball to the back of the net for the 4-0 in the the 84th minute.

Angel Reyna added the last goal for Mexico in the 86th minute with a blast from outside the box for the 5-0.

Although the scoreline was along the lines that was expected, it took the Mexican team a while to get the ball rolling. This game didn’t mean anything, but one thing that is worrying is that ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez had trouble converting the opportunities that he had during the game.

Gerardo Torrado and Sinha were given a start, but Torrado left the game early due to a muscular problem and it’s unlikely that the two will feature in the hexagonal.

Mexico’s final game in the group stage will be against El Salvador on Tuesday, October 16 in Torreon, Mexico. El Salvador has an opportunity to move on to the second round and will give Mexico a difficult time even though it will be meaningless game in terms of points for the Mexican side.

4 thoughts on “Mexico 5, Guyana 0: Glorified exhibition”

  1. This game was just terrible i DOnt care what the score was at the end MExico played a terrible game especially CH14 he had the opportunity to score first and early and give himself some confidence but no he failed the penalty horribly. Mexico defintely needs GIO and Fabian to come to the NAtional Team and CHepo needs to only start one striker in the lineup like how he used too. Stop bring old people to the national team we have Chaton, Herrera, Pena, and he prefers to start old people like Sinha and Torrado. Come on Chepo get your act together and realize that these guys are not going to make it to the WOrld Cup in Brazil 2014. We have young gold medal winners for him to have and start in the national team but no he plays old washed up players
    this should be the lineup for MExico vs El Salvador

    GK: Orozco
    DEF: Meza,Diego Reyes, Moreno, Torres Nilo
    MID: Chaton and Pena
    CAM/Wingers: Aquino, Herrera, Guardado
    ST: Peralta

    Subs: CH14, Elias Hernandez, Reyna

  2. Chepo should have called up cuahtemoc blanco to play against Guyana. That should have been his retirement game. Overall I think we need vela back. Chicharito is not in form and missed a lot. We need an in form striker because when important games come up I doubt we’ll have that many chances. We could have easily scored 10 against Guyana but whatever. Hopefully Chicharito gets his act together. He probably feels too much pressure.

  3. You guys are pretty wrong. You understand Chepo is looking for players to play. These guys are very talented and we as Gio is Injured. We expect to see some changes for now. Chichartio struggled but he will always play due to Chepo’s love for him in Manchester. Vela will return at one point but not at the current moment. Mexico played very well, regardless of goal. Dont expect every shot to go in the goal box. You see mexico had 65%+ possesion and constant 15 shots in the 1st half, That’s very good. I understand goal’s is what matters but it shows Mexico is good at creating shots. It shows Mexico has the potential to win. The last 15 min. of the game became 5-0. Anything can happen in a game. Regardless of score. Although, Chepo will just continue to experiment towards the new faces which will be in the world cup.
    I’ll put it this way, We struggled in every world cup because whoever we put a sub for. Was nothing compared or not good enough to even be in there. It was the best that we had.
    We have chicharito,Vela,Oribe,Gio,Aquino,fabian You see we only had 2 of them in the last world cup to even play. This world cup, We’ll have 6 very talented players that can play for forward.
    The defense has proven itself very well.
    Moreno, Nilo, meza and lets not forget the olmypic faces of Mier. Also,Lets not forget Rodriguez. Mexico have proven itself, We’re expected to see at least 3-4 of the U-17’s world cup winners.
    – Corona is very TALENTED right now. He is on his top of his goal keeping career, Despite his age. He is very talented and proven himself during the Olympic matches. If the World cup was expected to be played today. I believe Mexico would go very FAR. At least to semi’s or possible chance to win.

    -Nilo- Moreno – Meza(or Rodriguez) – Mier

    —Guardado—Aquino—J. Enríquez — Héctor Herrera

    —–Gio (Or vela) —- Chicharito( Vela)

    Understand this is what i would do, Excellent group it is.

    Our subs will be outstanding also.

    Israel Jiménez August 13, 1989 (age 23) 21 1 Tigres
    5 DF Darvin Chávez November 21, 1989 (age 22) 31 0 Monterrey
    13 DF Diego Reyes September 19, 1992 (age 20) 28 1 América
    16 DF Miguel Ponce April 12, 1989 (age 23) 24 5 Guadalajara


    FW Oribe Peralta* January 12, 1984 (age 28) 15 10 Santos Laguna
    FW Raúl Jiménez May 5, 1991 (age 21) 13 1 América
    & And Vela!

    Mexico is very talented and with this squad, I believe we can win the world cup.
    Lets not forget about our u-17;s like Julio Gomez or a couple more in there

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