Quick El Tri headlines: September 13th, 2012


Chicharito is creeping up on Borgetti’s record for EL Tri (AFP)


  • Hector Herrera and Chaton Enriquez are rumored to have started practicing with their clubs. 
  • Fortunately, Giovani Dos Santos will be returning to play soon as well.
  • Officially, Mexico will not play in Estadio Azteca, but in Estadio Corona for their October WCQ against El Salvador.
  • Unfortunately, for FIFA fans, no Mexican will grace the cover for FIFA 13.
  • With his goal against Costa Rica, Chicharito is now at 26 in total for Mexico. He is just 20 goals shy of Jared Borgetti’s record.
  • Recent FIFA rankings dropped Mexico to 21. However, Elo raknings bumped Mexico up to #9 in the world (previously 11). Soccer Power Index also ranks Mexico in the Top-10.

5 thoughts on “Quick El Tri headlines: September 13th, 2012”

  1. Why isnt there going to be a Mexican on the AMerican cover of FIFA 13 what are they going to have 2 American players on the cover instead and i heard that david Cabrera is ready to play and will play against San Luis as well as Chaton and Hererra

    1. No Leo it will just be Messi. No American or Mexican players. I find it really strange because other countries like Poland and Spain will have their countries represented for their FIFA.

    1. This is true JJ. I just read up on this as well. Very strange because he wasn’t supposed to be out for more than a couple weeks. We will keep you updated on the situation. Good news for Mexico, Chaton returned and scored yesterday. Exciting, because he can add so much to the midfield in October.

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