Positives and negatives from September WCQ

Chicharito’s header gave Mexico the 1-0 victory (Reuters)


Mexico successfully clinched advancement to the next round of qualifying. They did it with 2-0, and a 1-0 victories over Costa Rica. Now, no fan can complain about the wins, especially on the road. Yet, there were some positive/negative factors to review in the two matches.

Positive: Mexico had diverse scoring

With the victory in Costa Rica, Mexico scored off of two corner kicks. When they won at home, Chicharito scored off a cross from Torres Nilo. The diversity in how El Tri scored in the matches was a definite bright spot. Yes, consistency is key, but it is a positive to spread the wealth around at times. With a few more potent names added on the roster, Mexico could keep this trend going.

Negative: The 4-4-2 didn’t work as expected

Peralta and Chicharito are two big names on Mexico’s roster. However, they don’t necessarily produce huge moments on the pitch together. When using the 4-4-2 type of formation, Mexico lacked a lot of creativity. Mexico was usually forced out wide, and relied on trying long crosses. Fortunately one worked, yet before that point, Mexico didn’t look like as solid as the should have.

Positive: Defense was in rhythm

Moreno and Meza had two huge matches in September. Simply put, they did the job there were supposed to do. Costa Rica’s attacks were constantly cancelled out thanks to the center backs. It also helped that Corona was on point, yet fans should be confident into later qualification, that the defense won’t be in doubt. Moreover, there is a lot of talent on the roster in the defense (behind the starters).

Negative: Not enough urgency at home

One part of last nights match that was a bit disappointing was the lack of urgency. This became more evident once Mexico was up by a goal. There was too much passing to the defense, and at times, Costa Rica did put on a lot of pressure. Mexico plays its best when moving forward, pushing the opponents back. Some teams can effectively hold possession and dominate the lead. Mexico, on the other hand, doesn’t have to use this strategy in order to finish off a team. As mentioned, one of the bright spots was the defense, but it shouldn’t be ignored that they were still busy throughout the game.

All in all, Mexico did a great job. The game on the road was by far more impressive, and was actually more important. The pressure eases up for El Tri with their match-ups in October. Yet, I don’t see Mexico sitting back in any manner. They will build off their momentum, and the negatives from September are expect to be addressed (without any problem). Luckily, Mexico will be back in action in just one month. El Tri will face off against Guyana on Friday, October 12th at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Vamos Mexico!


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