Match preview: Mexico vs Costa Rica

Salcido put Mexico up 1-0 right before the half (Mexsport)


After a great 2-0 victory on the road, El Tri has an opportunity to seal a birth into the next round of WCQ. The 2-0 victory came off of, surprisingly, two corner kicks. Mexico (on the senior side) usually struggles with corners on offense and defense. From a fan point of view, we have to be pretty excited to see our game become more diverse. Mexico has a difficult task though on Tuesday, in Estadio Azteca. Costa Rica may have been dominated on Friday, but they still have enough skill to make this game difficult for Mexico. There are three factors I will be keeping an eye on this Tuesday.

1) Can Mexico produce on the attack?

As mentioned, Mexico scored off of two corners, and had a handful off opportunities in the attack. It will be very crucial for Mexico to try and capitalize via the attack on Tuesday. Being able to score on the attack will cause many problems for Costa Rica. Not only will set-pieces and corners cause concern, but so will the potency of our attacking play.

2) Can the defense hold up again?

You have to applaud our defense from Friday. The cancelled out many chances for Costa Rica, and kept Mexico breathing with ease. ‘Maza’ and Hector Moreno were very poised, even when it looked like Costa Rica had numbers against them. Ayala also came into the game, and cemented the defense to help seal the 2-0 victory. Being at home is always an advantage, and I believe the defense will feed off of the energy the crowd will be sending.

3) Will Fabian get a chance to shine?

Marco Fabian came into the match very late against Costa Rica. Our strategy at the point he came in, was to kill off the clock, and not focused on scoring. Fabian can be a very potent ingredient to Mexico’s attack, and I hope he gets an opportunity to show his skill. However, on a positive note, if we win on Tuesday, Mexico will be able to take more chances later on in this round of qualification. With a guaranteed advancement to the next stages, I think Chepo will be able to shuffle some tactics around. This could mean Fabian could be a future starter in those experiments.

Mexico kicks off action on Tuesday (9/11) at 9:00 p.m. EST. Who do you think will step up for Mexico? How do you think Mexico will play at home? Lets hear what you have to say.

Vamos Mexico!

4 thoughts on “Match preview: Mexico vs Costa Rica”

  1. Hoping Fabian plays the Gio role behing Chicharito. A win tonight will give Chepo a chance to give some of his young players experience in the qualifying cycle. Guys like Mier, Herrera, Chaton, Reyes and Pulido.
    Vamos México!!

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