Costa Rica 0-2 Mexico: Pura Vida

Javier ‘Maza’ Rodriguez celebrates Mexico’s 2-0 win against Costa Rica(PHOTO CREDIT MEXSPORT).

Carlos Salcido and Jesus Zavala scored to give Mexico a 2-0 lead against Costa Rica on Friday night during World Cup qualifiers in San Jose’s Estadio Nacional. Mexico leads group B with nine points and will face Costa Rica against midweek.

Mexico: Jesus Corona, Severo Meza, ‘Maza’ Rodríguez, Hector Moreno, Jorge Torres Nilo, Carlos Salcido, Jesus Zavala(Israel Jimenez 36′), Javier Aquino(Ayala 83′), Andres Guardado, Oribe Peralta, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez(Marco Fabian 76′).

Costa Rica: Navas, Salvatierra, González, Oviedo, Umaña(Brenes 64′), Acosta, Barrantes(Rojas 45′), Cubero, Bolaños, Campbell(Wallace 72′), Saborio.

Mexico kept possession and controlled much of the game in the first half, but had difficulty capitalizing on the presented opportunities.

In the 32nd minute Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez had an opportunity in front of goal after receiving a pass from Oribe Peralta, but all the United player could do was send it high over the crossbar.

Costa Rica were playing a phyiscal game, and Severo Meza was on the end of a foul from Bryan Oviedo that took him out of the game.

Carlos Salcido put Mexico in front in the 43rd minute. Andres Guardado took a corner kick, and Javier ‘Maza’ Rodriguez headed the ball back before Salcido managed to control and shoot with his right leg to send to the back of the net.

It didn’t take long into the second half for Mexico to double their lead. In the 52nd minute Mexico earned a corner kick. Guardado took the shot and Jesus Zavala managed to send in to the goal with his right foot for the 2-0 lead.

Brenes gave Costa Rica a glimmer of hope in the 77th minute, but his goal was called offside and kept Mexico at a 2-0 lead.

Mexico currently lead qualifying group B with nine points. Costa Rica is second with four points. The top two teams move on to the hexagonal.

Overall, Costa Rica did not provide too much difficulty for Mexico. They played a physical game, but that didn’t help them much in terms of dominating.

Mexico faces Costa Rica at home in the Azteca Stadium on Tuesday, September 11.

6 thoughts on “Costa Rica 0-2 Mexico: Pura Vida”

  1. I was really surprise how Mexico just dominated and controlled the whole entire game they didnt even let Costa Rica do nothing. I was really surprise that CH14 started over Fabian i was a bit worried but it looked like they can play together but CH14 level is going down he had to good chances to score if he doesnt start bring his A game i am pretty sure in the World Cup i see GIo and Peralta up top for Mexico’s forwards. Aqunio did really good am pretty sure that Pablo will have to a sub now if Aqunio keeps palying like how he is. I am really sad because of what happen to Meza he was doing really good i am pretty sure he should for the World Cup but if knowing if he is hurt why risk him Jimenez did also a good job he should have started in the first place. Too bad for Fabian that the game was already done when he enter he couldnt show his abilities but hopefully he starts the next game. The game was really good and they were consistent especially Guardado who was the player of the game next to Peralta. Next Starting Line-Up Should Be Like This

    GK: Ochoa (still hoping)
    DEF: Jimenez, Hier, Moreno, Chavez
    MED: Zavala, Salcido
    Winger/CAM: Aqunio, Fabian, Guardado,
    FW: Peralta

    Subs: CH14, Rodriguez, Torres Nilo

    1. Very interesting lineup. I like the new guy additions which you mentioned. I think Jimenez played great, he showed a lot of acceleration, and when he needs to, can do some creative things. I think Mexico will do some damage in Azteca, but Costa Rica can do big things when they get a rhythm.

    1. Not yet, but if mexico does win at the azteca on tuesday, it will be clinched. which is a good thing for de la torre, he will be able to experiment with the mexican lineup for the remainder of the first round of qualifiers, without having to worrie about losing.

  2. Mexico looke very relaxed never trying to force anything. I love Peralta at this game but let’s see what CH14 & Fabian can do together.

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