Match preview: Costa Rica vs Mexico

Javier Aquino can be the spark Mexico needs during WCQ (Getty)


El Tri will be back in action this Friday, and there are some questions the squad will need to answer. It is easy to look at the line-up and wonder how Mexico will approach this road WCQ. Firstly, who is going to make a name for themselves? There will be 8 names on the roster from the Olympics, which means the Gold medal party is officially over. I say the two guys who need to make the biggest impact are; Marco Fabian and Javier Aquino. Aquino will be taking over for Barrera on the wing (since he is out with an injury). This is his opportunity to show he belongs in the starting line-up. I have become a huge Aquino supporter, and his great performance in the Olympics was a huge revelation. Marco will finally get his very long awaited premiere with the national team. He did join the Mexico squads for Copa America, and the domestic side that played Venezuela, but never the full squad. I think all of us El Tri fans are very excited for his first official appearance. His role is to shake up the defense, and keep the attack fresh. Finishing was a major problem in the U.S. friendly, so look for Mexico to try to change their fortune with some of the new additions.

As any CONCACAF team knows, Costa Rica can match-up with almost anyone in their home. Their brand new stadium has already witnessed ‘Los Ticos’ go toe-to-toe with Spain (2-2 draw). The Costa Rica fans are very passionate, but I don’t believe El Tri has anywhere as many problems as say in El Salvador. Costa Rica will have a lot of great players on the pitch, and Mexico cannot sleep at any point in the match. Lead or not, World cup qualifying is where every team gives it their all. Mexico will be able to sleep sound walking away with a draw in such a difficult environment, because four days later Costa Rica visits Estadio Azteca. Mexico’s World cup qualifying will kick off at 10:05 p.m. EST.

Vamos Mexico!


3 thoughts on “Match preview: Costa Rica vs Mexico”

  1. I think Fabian and Peralta should start only because of the momentum they have going since they have played together and won the Medal and it should keep on going for the Mayor

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