Updated roster for September WCQ against Costa Rica

Marco Fabian will look to make a big impact for El Tri during World cup qualifying (Getty)


Goalkeepers: Ochoa, Corona, Talavera

Defenders: Meza, Maza, Moreno, Darvin Chavez, Hugo Ayala, Hiram Mier, Israel Jimenez, Torres Nilo

Midfielders: Salcido, Torrado, Edgar Lugo, Jesus Zavala, Elias Hernandez, Reyna, Guardado, Marco Fabian, Aquino

Forwards: Chicharito, Aldo de Nigris, Oribe Peralta

*Pablo Barrera suffered a torn ACL and could be out for over 5 months. Edgar Lugo will join Mexico in place of Barrera.


8 thoughts on “Updated roster for September WCQ against Costa Rica”

  1. I hope that Chepo starts Fabian and Reyna in the positions where Gio plays if Mexico wants to have a replacement ever time that Gio cannot make it. it would be Fabian.

  2. Don’t know about you guys but I just don’t see how Reyna and for that matter Barrera (who was on the original list) are NT material right now. I also would have liked to see Saucedo from Tijuana on the list instead of Tala.

    It’s Fabian’s time to shine!

  3. My staring line up. Goalie: Guillermo Ochoa. Left defense: Torres Nilo. Center backs: Maza, Moreno. Right defense: Meza. Left mid: Guardado. Center mid: Zavala. Right mid: Aquino. Center attacking mid: Fabian. Strikers: Hernandez, Peralta. 4-3-1-2 formation.

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