Players called for matches against Costa Rica

Jose ‘Chepo’ de la Torre made his final call for the players that will face Costa Rica in the upcoming qualifiers.

1. Jesús Corona (Cruz Azul)
2. Alfredo Talavera (Toluca)
3. Guillermo Ochoa (Ajaccio)
4. Severo Meza (Monterrey)
5. Israel Jiménez (Tigres)
6. Francisco Javier Rodríguez (Stuttgart)
7. Héctor Moreno (RCD Espanyol de Barcelona)
8. Hugo Ayala (Tigres)
9. Hiram Mier (Monterrey)
10. Jorge Torres Nilo (Tigres)
11. Darvin Chávez (Monterrey)
12. Carlos Salcido (Tigres)
13. Jesús Zavala (Monterrey)
14. Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul)
15. Pablo Barrera (Cruz Azul)
16. Elías Hernández (Tigres)
17. Javier Aquino (Cruz Azul)
18. Andrés Guardado (Valencia C.F.)
19. Ángel Reyna (Monterrey)
20. Oribe Peralta (Santos)
21. Marco Fabián (Guadalajara)
22. Javier Hernández (Manchester United)
23. Aldo de Nigris (Monterrey)

Giovani Dos Santos was previously called up along with the other Europe based players, but he was dropped from the list because of injury.

Gerardo Torrado makes a return to the national team after a long absence.

A few of the Olympic gold medalists were also called to the senior national team.

Carlos Vela and Jonathan Dos Santos once again were left off the national team list.

Mexico will face Costa Rica in San Jose on September 7 and again in the return leg in Mexico City on September 11.

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12 thoughts on “Players called for matches against Costa Rica”

  1. Wow Gerardo torrado??? The guy is just gonna slow down the team-__- & oribe peralta is good but the guy is 34 already-__- switch torrado for Ulises or jona & peralta for vela!! Lol

  2. I cannot believe El Chepo brought Torrado but its ok Mexico just has to wait until Chaton, Herrera and Gio recover from their injuries then Mexico is going to have good Mids and their main player back in the National Team. However, Mexico has to come back to thier relative and reach an agreement for Jonathan Dos Santos and Vela to come back to the National Team image the team we would have. From this roster Mexico should drop Salcido, Torrado, Reyna, Talavera, Elias Hernandez and Finally bring back Gio, Jonathan Dos Santos, Vela, Herrera and Chaton.

    1. Maybe it’s a sort of farewell game?

      I’m not sure if there should be some sort of agreement for those two players. It’d set a bad precedent. A sort of forgiveness yes. They should be called up(no preseason excuses) and if they refuse then that should be it. They’re good players, but the team shouldn’t be holding their breath for them. There can’t be this mentality of ‘when they come back…’ because they might just not. We’ve seen that quality younger players are moving up the ranks willing to fill those spots.

  3. Pretty good call up. If only Jona and Vela would get called up again. Mexico would then be much better.

    I would have preferred Israel Castro instead of Gerardo torrado. Look how long it took torrado to get back on the field. Castro, on the other hand, is very underrated and very consistent.

    I also can’t wait to see gio dos santos come back from injury. He will definitely get more playing time with Mallorca. He will hopefully be in form and fit.

  4. Wow! What a strange line up!! Torrado!? I thought the Internet was joking. Well, lets hope this team has what it takes to win without Dos Santos. I believe I speak for most of us when I say, “Where are JDS and Carlos VELA!?!?!? Seriously, it is about Mexico, not egos. The Olympians make this more interesting as well! Hopefully they are as good as when playing for the u23. Come on, Mexico!!! It is time to outshine the CONCACAF!!!

    1. It is about the NT and not egos, but the reverse can be said as well about the players. It seems like they’ve been held on some high pedestal for sometime and they don’t want to concede anything either for the NT. The situation needs to be sorted though.

      1. Andrea, I have a question. Do you know how many Mexicans will play in CL football in Europe? I can only think of two…

      2. Jonathan(maybe), Chicharito, and Guardado will play this year. It seems like a lot less.

        Maza’s playing in the Europa League so at least he’ll get more international play.

  5. Needs more Morelia players like our rb Perez
    Also why call torrado,reyena,Carlos there just shit players now and slowing us down. If we’re going to call players not at tri level any more why not call Marquez the legend.

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