FIFA 13: Mexico’s representative?

Who should join Messi on the FIFA 13 cover? (EA Sports)


It is easy to admit…I’ am a huge FIFA fan. I even wear my El Tri jersey to the store to get the holy grail of football games on the release day. With exception of the player ratings (thankfully there should be a player ratings editor), this could be one of the best FIFA games to date. There will be a ton of new features, which I cannot wait for. Yet, as an El Tri fan, we should get one of our players on the cover (for North America). So fellow FIFA junkies…who do you think should be our FIFA cover representative?

*(If i can find a custom Mexico cover to print, I will update you all on our Facebook page)

FIFA 13 will be in stores 9/25/2012.


5 thoughts on “FIFA 13: Mexico’s representative?”

  1. They already announced who was going to be in the European covers but not North America yet :/ that’s so dumb.. they should’ve just announced them all at once

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