Euro’s called for qualifiers against Costa Rica

Chicharito and Mexico have a huge test against Costa Rica (Getty)


‘Chepo’ de la Torre made his Euro club calls for the World cup qualifiers against Costa Rica. Here is who was called for the match…

  • Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (Manchester United)
  • Guillermo Ochoa (Ajaccio)
  • Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodriguez (Stuttgart)
  • Giovani Dos Santos (Tottenham)
  • Hector Moreno (Espanyol)
  • Andre Guardado (Valencia)

Still missing from calls are Jonathan Dos Santos (Barcelona) and Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad). It is rumored Giovani will be unable to play still, due to his muscle injury dating back in Olympics against Japan. My hope is that some of the Olympic squad makes the match. I would like to see guys like; Marco Fabian, Javier Aquino, Javier Cortes, and of course Jesus Corona.

El Tri makes the trip to Costa Rica on September 7th. They will play at the beautiful Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a very difficult team to play on the road, so this will be a big test for Mexico. However, just four days later (9/11), Costa Rica will take on Mexico at Estadio Azteca. We will keep you posted on the full roster called up for these games.

Vamos Mexico!

7 thoughts on “Euro’s called for qualifiers against Costa Rica”

  1. really disappoint on how little mexicans are in europe right now i mean yeah there a couple more out there maybe El Chepo should call them up like Davila, Anibal, and Jose Riviera and i am really disappointed on the conflict that there is between not calling up Vela and Jonathan mexicans need these players just even another chance Jonathan would be definitely a starter in the mid forget about salcido in the mid thats not his position and vela can come off the bench or even start over CH14 Mexico needs to export more Mexican players to Europe.

    1. I agree. The thing with JDS and Vela with Chepo is a little out of hand, especially JDS. He was just doing what was best for his club career, and Mexico benefitted from it. Our mids gelled together only adding to our depth.

      1. I agree but wearing the Mexican shirt should be a priveleage & there were times when both of these players would write of the national team. Gio & Hernandez never made excuses & I think if vela & Jona really want to play for Mexico then they should act like it.

  2. Jesse: No doubt with what you’re saying. I feel worse for Jona just because he still accepted the call against Colombia. I still think Vela made a mistake staying at the club during that game. I think Jonathan right now has a better chance of getting called, simply with Gio’s impact. I really hope to see Vela though. He is too young and talented to not get back on the pitch for El Tri. Hopefully this whole thing is squashed soon…on all sides of the table.

  3. Giovani dos Santos, Hector Moreno, and Guillermo Ochoa are injured and doubtful for the 2 qualifying games.

    At least Ochoa will save having to go across the Atlantic ocean to be on the bench. Who do you think will replace Moreno? Ayala, mier?

    Also I think Mexico lacks creativity without gio dos santos. It’s gonna be tough pair of games. I really hope vela and Jona get called up soon because ch14 isn’t in form. Oribe will probably start since ch14 isn’t gonna get playing time.

    1. I believe Ayala can replace Moreno pretty well. It would be neat to see Mier called also! I was saying the same thing about Gio’s absence. He does a lot for this team without a doubt. However, Aquino, Fabian, Cortes are all able to be big play makers as well. I like the depth we are creating.

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