Quick El Tri headlines: August 21st, 2012

Herrera could be playing in England very soon (Getty)


  • Hector Herrera has is close to making a deal with an EPL side.
  • Jorge ‘Chaton’ Enriquez will be out 3-6 weeks with a minor knee surgery.
  •  As mentioned in Mexicans abroad, Memo Ochoa had a tremendous game keeping PSG off the board, in a 0-0 draw. 
  • The Mexican U-17 was victorious in the Toyota tournament in Japan.
  • Rumor has it, David Cabrera is recovering very well from his knee injury, which occurred back in the Spring.
  • Giovani and Tottenham are close to finally ending their tainted relationship.
  • Following the 0-1 loss to the USA, both Pablo Barrera and Elias Hernandez scored for their clubs.

Vamos Mexico!

5 thoughts on “Quick El Tri headlines: August 21st, 2012”

      1. yeah @mexicooooooo is right this was a great article and update and i heard that Herrera is definitely going to Man U and that they only have to solve the money issue and about Jonathan has loan to Sevilla already done he just needs to accept it i hope he does go cuz he needs to get the playing time and they have a buy out clause so Sevilla maybe can buy him at the end of the season. And Peralta is wanted in Germany for 3 million euros and in Spain i hope he makes a move to Europe and when does David Cabrera come back from injury??? cuz he was a huge piece for the Olympic team to qualify to London i hope he comes back strong and maybe gets called back to el Tri cuz he is pretty good.

  1. Leo: I think JDS at Sevilla would be great! In terms of Cabrera, he should be able to play sometime soon (I’ll keep everyone updated when I hear something definite), because rumor has it he is recovering well. I think it is awesome Peralta is getting offers, however, I am one of the fans that thinks he should stick in the Mexican league. He makes it a stronger league, and he has a great rhythm with Santos Laguna. I am more concerned with the younger names making the big moves. I will be ecstatic if Herrera finally joins a Euro club…maybe others can follow the trend!?

    1. Well i can tell you this Herrera , Aquino, Vidrio, Fabian, Chaton, and Mier have the talent and should go play in Europe that would be great if Mexico had these players playing in Europe. Mexico would have a chance getting further in the world cup maybe win 4th or 3rd place in a world and with inclusion of Jonathan and Vela most would be dominate in the mid and in attack cuz thats what Mexico needs improvement.

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