Mexicans Abroad 8/18-8/19

The Premier League and La Liga started this weekend. Check out how the Mexicans abroad fared!


Hector Moreno (Espanyol) – Moreno played all 90 minutes in Espanyol’s 2-1 loss to Mallorca. Next: 8/25 Real Zaragoza

Andres Guardado (Valencia)– Guardado started and played 66 minutes in the 1-1 draw to Real Madrid. Next: 8/26 Deportivo

Jonathan Dos Santos (Barcelona )– Dos Santos was left out of the match day squad that defeated Real Sociedad 5-1. Next: Real Madrid 8/23 SuperCup; Osasuna 8/26 La Liga.

Anibal Zurdo(Sabadell)– Anibal played all 90 minutes in the 0-0 draw against Girona. Next: Villarreal 8/25

Ulises Davila(Sabadell)– Davila played 90 minutes in the 0-0 draw against Girona. He had one of the clearest opportunities before being subbed off in added time.

Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad)– After being called out for being out of shape by his manager, Vela started on the bench during the 5-1 loss to Barcelona. He made it on to the field in the 64th minute. Next: Celta Vigo 8/25 La Liga.


Giovani Dos Santos (Tottenham)– Dos Santos was not with the match day squad during the 2-1 loss to Newcastle. This past week rumors emerged about a possible swap deal to Inter Milan. Next: West Brom 8/25 Premier League

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (Manchester United)– ‘Chicharito’ did not make the final team sheet during the 1-0 loss to Everton. Next: Fulham 8/25 Premier League


Guillermo Ochoa(Ajaccio)– Ochoa kept a clean sheet during the 0-0 draw against PSG. Next: Valenciennes 8/25 La Ligue


Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodriguez (Stuttgart) – Next: 8/26 Wolfsburg


Edson Rivera(Braga B)– Rivera played all 90 minutes in the 0-0 draw against Naval. Next: Naval 8/19


Jose Manuel Rivera(RoPS)– Rivera played 90 minutes during the 2-0 win against Hämeenlinna. Next: PK-35 8/25.


With Robin Van Persie’s move to Manchester United, ‘Chicharito’ is rumored to be on the outs. Sir Alex Ferguson said that they’d be keeping the player, but that didn’t keep Chelsea from asking about the player.

Pachuca also received an inquiry about Hector Herrera, asking for a report about the player. These rumors have been abound for a while, final analysis is pending.

Oribe Peralta also picked up some interest with Wolfsburg popping up.

10 thoughts on “Mexicans Abroad 8/18-8/19”

  1. CH14 should leave United he is not going to get any playing time he should go to Chelsea or Arsenal these teams need a striker CH14 can definitely beat Torres and Arsenal definitely need a striker since they dont have one and
    Jonathon needs to leave Barcelona other teams want him like Sevilla, Ajax, Malaga and other mid size teams.
    Chivas should let go Fabian and Chaton leave they are never going to win a championship. Idk i think Gio has a chance to play in Tottenham now that Modric is leaving or play in Inter, Sevilla and Malaga

    1. I like the idea of Chicharito at Arsenal. They have trouble finishing plays and Chicharito just needs someone to provide them. I always wondered how Arsenal didn’t pick up on him when he started appearing with Chivas’ first team.

      Agree with the Jona thing. He can make it at Barcelona, but he also needs to play regularly. Sure, he’ll learn from the best while sitting on the bench but to elevate your level of play you need to compete against them in more than just training.

      Vergara flat out said not until they win a championship. I guess if we want to see more players abroad that’s one positive thing from Mexican football: a team has a chance to win the championship every 6 months.

    1. Ho provato di recente il suddetto 60 mesi (alla ricerca di un alta langa da proporre in carta) e con rammarico mi ritrovo nella descrizione di Franco. Trovo assurdo il comportamento denl7#821&;azielda: fate pure milioni di bottiglie di basso livello ma non ditemi che non avete i mezzi per fare anche un prodotto di grande levatura. Questo è una coltellata alla storicità del marchio e anche alla grande tradizione spumantistica piemontese. Grazie invece ai produttori che pur arrancando ci deliziano con dei vini che ancora emozionano. Filippo.

  2. Just read an article, Hector Herrera received an official offer from Manchester united! Hoping he makes the move!

  3. Vela called out for being out of shape? So what’s he been doing? I thought he asked to be left off the Olympics in order to get ready for this upcoming season.

  4. Vela still looked fast against barca he’s gonna tear it up this season. And I think its good that vergara holds them till he gets a championship. Its what he should of done with chicharo or at least worked in the deal that till the season was over

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