Mexico 0-1 USA: A Record Falls

Mexico lost 1-0 to the US on August 15 with a goal from Michael Orozco(Photo Credit MEXSPORT)

The United States defeated Mexico at the Azteca stadium for the first time with a goal from Michael Orozco during an exhibition match on Wednesday.

Mexico had the most opportunities in the first half, but they were unable to capitalize. The remained at a relatively slow tempo, with neither side doing too much to cause danger.

During halftime there was a small homage to the Mexican Olympic medalists although the entire U-23 team was not present.

Things slightly picked up in the second half. The United States looked more dangerous and it finally paid off.

In the 79th minute Michael Orozco scored for the United States. Severo Meza lost the ball as the US moved in on the defense and after a scramble in the box Orozco simply had to push it in for the 1-0 lead.

Mexico realized that the hallowed record at the Azteca was in danger and stepped their game up to try for the equalizer.

Chicharito had a few opportunities in the closing moments of the game, but Tim Howard made two excellent fingertip saves that denied Mexico and equalizer.

Line ups

Mexico: Ochoa, Maza, Meza, Viniegra, Barrera, Reyna, Chicharito, Moreno, Zavala, Guardado, Torres Nilo.

USA:Howard, Beckerman, Williams, Maurice, Gomez, Donovan, Jones, Castillo, Johnson, Cameron, Torres.

Unfortunately Mexico lost their record at the Azteca, but it’s nothing of serious note. It was simply a friendly and both teams were being cautious with the opening of European leagues coming up. It’d also be easy to make excuses to make up for the loss, but the US deserves some credit. They didn’t play a very exciting game, but they managed to make whatever opportunities they receive count. When the game is entered in the record books it won’t notes saying that Chicharito had two very close opportunities, that Mexico had more opportunities. It will say that Michael Orozco scored the only goal of the game.

Mexico have some time to sort their problems. They next face Costa Rica on September 7(away) and September 11(home) for World Cup qualifiers.


6 thoughts on “Mexico 0-1 USA: A Record Falls”

  1. Chepo should definitely bring a couple of people from the Olympic squad and Jonathon and Vela should be could up who cares if they rejected the call to go to the Olympic Mexico still won gold but they should definitely be called up for the World Cup 2014 qualifiers and important fact that GIO didnt even play so Mexico was missing their huge piece of the puzzle and idk about you guys but CH14 level is going down its not up there anymore like in his first year at Man U he missed a clear header that would have gave Mexico the lead at least rumor has it that Man U is selling him to Arsenal since now they Robin idk Vela would be a option to sub CH14 or even Peralta
    but come on when Mexico has Jonathan, Vela, Fabian, Hier, Chaton, Hererra, and Aquino why not call them up forget about Torrado, Salcido, Reyna, Lugo, De Nigris, Elias Hernandez lets bring in the new generation already and Viniegra didnt do nothing bad idk why he came off the second half Lugo just made a mess in the mid when he came in.

    1. Those are rumours, but not true that chicharito is heading to arsenal. Although chelsea did approach united for chicharito, but united rejected instantly, it seems SAF has faith in hernandez fitness. Im sure hernandez will return to his best, but for now i like to see vela upfront

  2. Cheech should have made the most of his opportunities cuz it’s probably the last to score in awhile. You know with RvP joining Man u and all

  3. Chicharito is not an offensive firepower in terms of creating the goals. When Gio, Fabian and a few others get to join the team, you will see Chicharito at what he is best at. When we have threats around him, he then becomes that much more deadly. Congrats to the USMNT for the historic win, but I’m not too broken about it. The fact the stadium was 50% capacity says a lot about this game.

  4. More proof that the olympic team should be the core of the team. One thing I noticed that bothered me was how this mexico attacked especially on the wings. No doubt Guardado and Barrera are good but they are way too one-dimensional. It looks like it pains them to use their weaker foot and it makes their play obvious and uncreative.

    When guardado cuts in with his left foot he almost always passes in that direction and its away from goal. Guardado has great talent but he really needs to develop more aspects of his game. There was one play where he got a good shot off towards goal and it was with his right. Who knows, maybe if he practiced with his right foot more we could have at least tied. Gio is very one-footed as well be he at least knows how to attack directly at the goal which is why he is more dangerous.

    I also think Chaton is one of the best things to happen to mexico’s holding midfielder position in a long time. Hopefully Chepo can pull this all together cause this mexico definitely has chances to go far this WC.

  5. Primero que nada estoy muy sorprendido que EU metio un gol estaban jugando como un equipo de high school. El Chepo e la federacion deberían a llamar a C. Vela e J. Dos Santos y parar de actuar como mocosos de 10 años. Viniegra hizo un buen juego e no se porque sacaron a A. Reyna por A. De Nigris si ellos dos se entienden mejor fueran sacado ha J. Hernandez ya que estaba jugando muy mal. Hora si estoy convencido que J. Aquino puede tomar el lugar de P. Barrera ya que asta E. Hernandez lo hizo mejor que el aunque prefiero ha C. Vela que tome ese lugar. El Chaton no me convence hay veces que juega bien y otros juega malisimo.

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