Mexico 2, Brazil 1: Warriors of the gold

Mexico celebrates Peralta’s goal in the first minute (Chang W. Lee/The New York Times)


One minute. That is all it took for Mexico to score on Brazil. Brazil coughed up the ball, identical to how Japan did, and Peralta scored from distance. The game was definitely governed by Brazil, because Mexico fumbled with passes from the Brazilian pressure. El Tri fought hard, and halftime came just in time with the score at 1-0.

The second half was similar to the first, but Mexico found more goal opportunities to close the door on the Brazil team. Marco Fabian had a chance when he stole the ball from Silva, juked the keeper, but his bicycle kick was too high for the goal. Mexico had to protect multiple corners and free kicks, but Corona and crew stood tall. In the 76th minute, Mexico was given a dangerous free kick. Fabian sent the ball in…and Peralta’s head sent the ball to the back of the net.

Mexico defended better from that moment on, even getting a few more great opportunities. However, Hulk made it 2-1 in extra time. Though too little too late for Brazil, as the game was called and Mexico won the gold!

Hope you all are enjoying this great moment! Mexico was the underdog throughout the tournament. They were injured, beaten, bruised…and still won.

Vamos Mexico!


11 thoughts on “Mexico 2, Brazil 1: Warriors of the gold”

  1. Amazing tournament, Mexico faced teams that really tested them mentally & physically. I see a couple of these guys making the senior squad. Viva Mexico!!

  2. Mexico did such a great job containing Brazil’s threats. Brazil did control for the most part but never really looked like a real threat. Amazing job and so proud of this team! Absolutely loved Peralta’s movement on the second goal! completely unmarked for that header. Just beautiful! good on him too shutting up his doubters.

  3. This was an amazing game! So proud of Mexico for this accomplishment!! Hope this gets European clubs attention to sign these players!

  4. Winning the gold & against Brazil just shows that Mexico doesn’t need Jonathan or Vela. Peralta & Fabian are ready for the senior squad

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