No Gio, no problem?

Giovani may be injured, but Herrera will return to help boost Mexico (Getty)


News about Giovani’s status today has been a bit of a bummer for El Tri lovers. The leading scorer of the team will miss Saturdays final against Brazil. Although it is a huge blow…there are three factors that should keep Mexico fans heads up.

1) The absence of Dos Santos will cause others to step up

When looking back to the spring, and the U-23 squad leader was without a doubt Marco Fabian. As Gio came into the picture, Marco’s presence seemed to die down. However, it is Marco’s team to lead on Saturday without Giovani. He will most likely be put back into the center attacking midfielder role in the 4-2-3-1, and this is where Marco really shines. Of course we all want Giovani to be on the pitch. He brings a lot of speed, and great dribbling to Mexico’s attack. Yet, do not fret Mexico fans…there is more firepower to come. One of my personal X-factors will be Aquino. His speed will cause major problems for Brazil, and Marco at CAM could be something really special.

2) Mexico beat Japan without Herrera and Giovani (second half)

One of Mexico’s most consistant players has been Hector Herrera. Good news is that he will be returning on Saturday for El Tri. Before playing Mexico in the semi finals, Japan gave up zero goals (not even Spain scored on them). When Mexico faced the Blue Samurai, they put three in the back of the net. This is with the fact Giovani only played 45 minutes, and without the boost of Herrera. The chemistry is building, and Herrera’s return only makes Mexico stronger.

3) Total adversity 

It is really simple. Mexico has won with unbelievable amounts of adversity. From giving up leads, needing extra time, minor injuries, and being down a goal. The crew has seen just about everything that the Olympic foes could throw at them. Brazil is a very talented squad, but Mexico isn’t even going to think twice about Giovani being out. They have gone through the adversity, and they are going to put everything on the line come Saturday.

Mexico faces Brazil in the gold medal match this Saturday (10:00 a.m. EST).

Vamos Mexico!

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