Mexico 3, Japan 1; Olympic dreams now becoming reality

Mexico celebrates after scoring against Japan (Getty)


It wasn’t pretty, but Mexico got the job done. Mexico has proved that it is a force to be taken seriously. The game between Japan was not only for a trip to the finals of the 2012 Olympic football tournament, but also a bit of revenge from a previous loss to the Japanese. Mexico had already ready gone through some adversity after giving up a two goal lead to Senegal, and needing extra time to claim the victory. Today, Japan let Mexico know it wasn’t going to go down easily.

With possession going back and forth it was Otsu that shot a screamer past Corona in the 11th minute. Japan gained the lead, and put the pressure on Mexico. From that point on Mexico had regained momentum and built some opportunities. In the 31st minute Mexico was given a corner, and Marco Fabian headed in the equalizer. The game gave the fans a few more moments to get excited about, but it was 1-1 at half.

Red lights were going off in Mexico fans minds when they saw Jimenez subbed in at the start of the second half…reason being, it was for Dos Santos. Dos Santos has been a major factor in Mexico’s great Olympic run, and seeing him on the bench is never something to take lightly. Japan seemed to take advantage by dominating possession. However, Mexico was still able to keep Japan to only a few major shot opportunities. In the 65th minute, Aquino pressured the Japanese defense, and they coughed the ball right to Peralta. At this point, Peralta took a step forward and shot a 23 yard curler to where the Japanese keeper couldn’t get close to saving. Mexico from that moment on had to fight to keep the lead.

Mexico saw the finals right in front of them with only 2 minutes to go. El Tri was able to counter Japan’s last major opportunity, and Peralta back heeled a pass to Cortes, who then proceeded to battle two defenders and shot in Mexico’s third goal. Mexico’s victory guarantee’s a medal…but the Azteca’s wants gold. Brazil will be Mexico’s foe for the football gold, as the defeated South korea 3-0. The final will be this Saturday 8/11/2012 at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Vamos Mexico!

7 thoughts on “Mexico 3, Japan 1; Olympic dreams now becoming reality”

      1. Mexico is going to be Brazil Mexico has beaten Brazil many times in official games or non official games
        Brazil my have the best offensive team but they have the worst defensive team. Mexico can definitely score on Brazil they just got to make the goals right away and Peralta Fabian and Gio have to come on sync right away quickly. Idk for this game i would have Hererra back in but the way chaton is playing and since he is winning ever header he should start in the middle Hererra and Chaton should start and i hope Gio can recover for the game by Saturday and if he is not 100% he can still came off the bench to get Mexico a spark off the bench. On defense we have to shut down Brazil’s offense they have to watch out for Marcelo take him out cuz he passes the bath to Neymar and Oscar too Chaton should shut him down and Mexico should attack Juan alot cuz he is the worst defense for Brazil and shot alot cuz Brazil doesnt have a goalkeeper and watch out for long distance shots from Brazil Diego needs to step up and block those shots cuz he backed away when Japan made that goal.
        Mexico should they have to believe on themselves they can do it come on Mexico lets go for the GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        VIVA EL TRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Leo; You are right! Their defense hasn’t had a big test yet, but the biggest weakness is the portero! We need to test him every chance we can. Look for Fabian to get some shots from distance. I have positive feelings about this game…Vamos Mexico!

  2. As long as Mexico can keep its composure from a young Brazil team that is talented in diving and getting position; Mexico will be able to get control at some point and dominate the game with their strong core midfield. Mexico has to be 100% mentally ready for a team that will try to win over the refs before winning the game.

    I believe Marco is ready to lead the offense if Gio is not ready to come on. As for the defense, they have the ability in stopping brazil, they just need to learn from the Honduras game and not allow them to get opportunities to strike from far away or a get an easy penalty.

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