What to watch for: Japan vs Mexico

Giovani will need another great performance against a fierce Japan squad (Reuters)


Mexico will be playing Japan in the semi finals of the 2012 Olympic football tournament. Any football fan would be excited for this match up. The two met in July of 2012, and Japan walked away with a 2-1 victory. With gold on their minds, Mexico will look not only for revenge, but to stamp its name in the history books. Lets go over what are some main factors to keep an eye on…

1) Can Mexico strike early and keep a lead?

One of the positives for Mexico against Senegal was an early goal. The cross from Dos Santos to ‘Chaton’ was a beautiful one, which gave the Mexicans the early lead. Mexico knows its strengths, which is why they will be firing on all cylinders with their offense. If Mexico is fortunate enough to score early, they need to do the absolute opposite of what they did against Senegal. That would be continue pressure, and attack. Although Japan is not as gifted in the air as Senegal, they still are dangerous. Mexico plays its best when it doesn’t let off the brakes, which is exactly what they’ll need to do on Tuesday.

2) Will the defense be ready for another strong attack?

Heading into the game against Senegal, Mexico had not given up a goal. Their defense was one of the strong suits in the Olympic tournament. However, Mexico knows that Japan is a scoring machine. Reyes, Mier, Jimenez and crew will need to be prepared for the Japanese, because sleeping on Japan’s attack could be deadly.

3) Herrera will be out…but how much will Mexico miss him?

There is absolutely no doubt that Herrera makes Mexico a stronger team, and his absence will be a factor. Yet, don’t look for Mexico to miss Hector too much. They still have a great attack, and as of now, stellar performances out of ‘Chaton’ Enriquez. Mexico will need to rely on the front play of Peralta, Dos Santos, Aquino and Fabian. These guys are the ones who need the biggest punch against Japan. Herrera will be missed, but Mexico will have his spot covered.

Mexico takes on Japan on Tuesday 8/7/2012, at Noon EST. What are some factors that you believe will play a big part against Japan? Do you think the offense will be rested enough to put Mexico in the driver seat? Lets hear your thoughts!

Vamos Mexico!


One thought on “What to watch for: Japan vs Mexico”

  1. I believe if the following holds true than Mexico will come out victorious:

    1. Forwards and Midfielders continue to be in sync with passing.
    2. Corona is prepared to block some counter attacks
    3. Mexico have to defend the sides more. Senegal displayed a weakness in covering the attacks coming from the sidelines.
    4. Fabian has to put one in the net early.

    Mexico will have to avoid losing the ball as much as they have been in the early minutes. (avoid too many long passes and long shots) This will help them from fatiguing later on in the second half, as they will be up against a quicker team.

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