Chepo calls 6 Europe based players for match against the US

Six Europe based players were called by Jose Manuel de la Torre for the upcoming exhibition game against the United States.

Mexico will play the United States at the Estadio Azteca on Wednesday, August 15.

Andres Guardado(Valencia)
Javier Hernandez(Manchester United)
Giovani Dos Santos(Tottenham Hotspurs)
Hector Moreno(Espanyol)
Guillermo Ochoa(Ajaccio)
Francisco Javier Rodríguez(Stuttgart)

Missing from the list are Carlos Vela(Real Sociedad) and Jonathan Dos Santos(Barcelona). The players turned down a spot with Mexico’s Olympic squad to sort out their club situation.

The rest of the players that will face the United States will be announced at a later date.


6 thoughts on “Chepo calls 6 Europe based players for match against the US”

  1. I hope this is not the beginning of a novela. Both parties need to get over what ever it is they feel wronged about and move on. This is the absolute worst time to be dealing with this drama and I hope they can come to terms before its too late because i think these two guys can be big factors for us during qualifying and wc 2014.

    1. Agree. There’s unfortunately a lot of that in Mexican football…the “You didn’t listen, it’s payback time,” mentality. Playing with the best players in the world will help Jonathan improve, and having a consistant Carlos Vela will be a massive advantage for Mexico. It will be very unfortunate if they are left out of the teams in the future. Both sides have made mistakes, but they can be fixed.

      1. yes these two players need to be in the national team especially for the World Cup 2014
        Jonathan needs to partner Hererra in the mid cuz those will be the best duo in the mid and Vela
        can be the back to CH14 or Guardado I know they refused not to go to the Olympics but still they should be
        called up they are the future for Mexico

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