Mexico 2, Gabon 0: 2 Santos

Giovani Dos Santos celebrates scoring a goal against Gabon(Photo Credit CÉSAR VICUÑA)

Giovani Dos Santos scored twice against Gabon in the second group match at the City of Coventry Stadium to give Mexico all three points.

Mexico leads group B with four points.

Mexico attempted an attack first, with Hector Herrera launching a left-footed shot that flew just past the post in the fourth minute.

El Tri came close to scoring in the sixth minute. Marco Fabian attempted a shot that was blocked by Ovono. Miguel Ponce attempted a follow-up but his went outside of field.

Gabon had an opportunity in the 16th minute with a shot that was just sent to a corner by Nestor Vidrio.

In the second half, Gabon moved back and waited to take advantage of a counterattack.

Giovani Dos Santos scored in the 62nd minute during a counterattack. Oribe Peralta held the ball before Dos Santos sent it to the back of the net for the 1-0 lead.

Gabon came close to scoring in the 70th minute. A shot raced toward the corner of the goal, but Jesus Cornona responded in time to block the shot.

Gabon attempted more shots and pressed Mexico on the field.

It looked like Mexico was about to double their lead in the 79th minute with a diving header from Javier Cortes. His attempt flew over the crossbar.

Mexico received a penalty in the 90th minute for a foul on Peralta by Ndong. The Gabon player was sent off with two yellow cards.

Dos Santos stepped up to take the shot and doubled Mexico’s lead in the 92nd minute.

Jorge Enriquez almost added a third for Mexico with a half-turn shot in the box, but his attempt passed just by the left post.

Mexico leads their group with four points, the same as South Korea, and superior goal differential.

The Mexican team will face Switzerland on Wednesday, August 1st for their last group game.

South Korea defeated Switzerland 2-1 on Sunday.

Line ups

Mexico: Corona; Chávez, Mier, Reyes, Vidrio, Salcido; Herrera (Enríquez 48’), Ponce (Dos Santos 46’), Aquino; Fabián (Cortés 75’), Peralta.

Gabon: Ovono, Dinda (Nzambe 84’), Engonga, Ndoumbou (Nono 70’), Aubameyang, Madinda, Meye, Tandjigora, Boussoughou, Ndong, Obiang (Mbingui 83’).


11 thoughts on “Mexico 2, Gabon 0: 2 Santos”

    1. I believe he will miss sundays game, though rumor is just to rest. I do not believe it is a serious injury. We will keep you guys updated. Yet it might be good to give Chaton some more minutes…

      1. well to tell you the truth i would like to have hererra out there for the last game cuz it is very important cuz if they lose then they are out i rather have Chaton and Hererra play together and take out salcido
        And yesterday game was alot better Mexico had possession of the ball and thats what mexico need if they want to win and Peralta looked his best with the olympic team his performance was pretty good his mid range shot is very good he should definitely shot from outside the box i would keep the same formation from the game from gabon and have Gio come off the bench cuz we need a spark off the bench then second half take out ponce for Gio
        take out Salcido for Chaton and Peralta for Jimenez
        I really liked how Gio and Fabian played in the second have they really linked up good they are starting to good together now Mexico is picking up their level they just need to finish better cuz other team will finish on us instead

  1. I agree. Herrera is a very polished player, yet it seems like Chaton is gaining some momentum in his game. His biggest flaw last year was mechanics, it seemed like he was off balanced a lot. He appears to be cleaning up his game well. It never hurts to have a battle for a spot. I liked how they used Cortes too. He and Aquino really can do damage, especially since with the other speed demons in Fabian and Gio. I have a feeling Mexico will be firing on all cylinders against Switzerland!
    Edit: Aquino will sit the next game, so looks like Gio is in. Maybe we can utilize Jimenez up top for a sub in the second half for Peralta.

    1. i guess it will be good to see that Chaton will start maybe he will impress and the european scouts will look at him but it would be good that chaton would partner hererra better but it does look like Gio is going in for Aquino
      Gio and Fabian could get a better chemistry after this game and finally play together and maybe if Gio plays on the right side he could do what he does in the mayor take defenders and switch to his good foot to shot
      I hope that peralta keeps getting better like the game with gabon cuz we gonna need him to next up and
      maybe jimenez can come in the second half for peralta this should be the next line-up formation 4-2-3-1

      GK: Corona
      DEF:Jimenez, Hier, Reyes, Chavez
      Wingers/CAM: GIO, Fabian, Ponce

      Subs: Jimenez, Vidrio, Cortez

  2. Who said Gio and Fabian couldn’t play together? They just needed minutes so they could understand each other the same thing goes for the rest of the team “rhythm” thats what they needed. They already proved that there more than an average team.

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