Mexico 0, South Korea 0: A group all tied

Dos Santos brought positive energy after being substituted on in the second half (Sportinglife)


Mexico kicked off its Olympic dream of medaling in London against South Korea. The game was fairly balanced throughout the first 45 minutes. Mexico was able to get a few good looks at a goal, but nothing materialized. South Korea was no pushover as they were able to maintain a lot of possession against El Tri.

One notable name that continues to stand out is Oribe Peralta. Peralta seems to have a magic touch when he puts on the Santos Laguna kit, yet so far with this Olympic side, he has produced nothing. He isn’t making mistakes…but in no shape is he causing problems to the defenses Mexico is facing. Giovani came in for Peralta somewhat late in the second half, and was able to help the offense push forward. Giovani had a few good looks at goal, only to miss by inches. The game stayed tied up to the 90th minute. Mexico seemed to have a great chance at making some magic, as Enriquez received the ball in the middle of the pitch. He saw Ponce making a run down the left flank, with no one to defend in sight. As Enriquez passed it off to Ponce, the referee stepped in front of the ball killing all of Mexico’s momentum. Just about a minute later Mexico had one last attempt. Raul Jimenez broke free from South Korea defenders, made a cut, and curved the ball toward goal…just missing off the post. The game was called just seconds later.

Mexico has a crucial group stage match against Gabon, who tied Switzerland 1-1. The game will be played Sunday (7/29) at 9:30 a.m. EST. The game can be seen on Telemundo. So what are your thoughts on Mexico’s performance? Who looks solid, and who looks off? Tell us what you think…

*Update: Mexico added another trophy to the case. The U-20 squad won the Milk cup!

Vamos Mexico!


13 thoughts on “Mexico 0, South Korea 0: A group all tied”

  1. the team was just awful this team level as definitely gone down maybe they should have not brought the three refuerzos they should have keep the same time where they had in the France tournment
    peralta is just terrible if you know that he his barely coming off a injury and not in form why even bring stupid move
    and idk salcido is not working for me they should have brought zavela or Moreno instead Corona is doing ok
    the defense did improve but realized that nobody is helping aqunio on the right side idk it looks like vidrio was afraid to attack maybe take him off and put Jimenez from tigres and the team didnt have possession Korea had more possession if mexico wants to win it needs to control the ball all the time it looks like gio, fabian and peralta is going to start next game which i dont like the next starting line should be this

    GK: Corona
    DEF: Jimenez, Hier, Reyes, Chavez
    MID: Hererra, Enquirez
    Wingers/CAM: Aquino, GIO, Ponce
    ST: Fabian

    subs: Jimenez de America, Salcido, Cortez or even Vidrio too

    just use a false nine like spain used in the EUROs mexico needs to win the next game cuz they cannot wait until the last game, Switzerland to make the next round

  2. Definitely agree with your lineup. Something like a 4-4-1-1 could also work, but I’m always the biggest fan of the 4-2-3-1. Although against SK it looked like Mexico was switching up from a 4-4-2. I really think we have seen the last of Peralta. Just all sizzle from his Santo’s days. I like the use of Jimenez up front, I think he and Gio could play late second half together well.

    1. yeah i dont think that peralta has the level to be in the national team
      and yeah i saw that peralta and fabian were playing a top with the formation being a 4-4-2
      but mexico as to finish better and have possession if dont they are not going to win mexico as
      to pick up the level that they had in the france tournament hererra as to be the man of the match if mexico wants to do good and am glad that the sub 20 won another
      tournament i hope they qualify for the world cup sub 20 and win as well i think they can do it.

      1. The next U-20 WC is going to be set up well for Mexico. Players like Bueno, Briseno, Fierro are playing at high levels at 18 (or so) years old…hope they will be able to keep that going next year!
        Edit: I forgot Candido Ramirez and Eric Torres too!

      2. yeah i cant wait to see the mexican team win the sub20 WC because they can do it they have a lot of qualified players that can win the tournament but i cant wait to see these future players shine in europe or in mexico and future in the world cup 2014 or 2018

    2. the only changes i would make to that line up is move ponce to left back and have gio play right in front of him. have fabian floating around and switching with gio as necessary and have jimenez leading the line. also, i would get rid of salcido…hes just not cutting it out there. id rather have the youthful strength of el chaton to at least bother people instead of just watching them run by which is the case with salcido.

      also, are you guys as worried as I am with mexicos infatuation with playing defenders as midfielders? vs korea, we had 3 of them play, salcido, chaton (converted defender) and ponce. to me, it just seems like an unnecessary tactic that only puts us at a very big disadvantage. their lack of skills at that position is too evident, you could hear the commentators on telefutura wondering, almost comically, just who would push up once chaton came on the field. now, im not saying im ringing with warning bells, but i just cant shake the feeling that this is going to be one of those, “what could have been” moments.

      1. yeah that would be good idk Chavez is not looking good anymore neither he doesnt attack and in the game he doesnt really show i would do that change have Ponce at left back and gio on the left side swtiching with fabian cuz i really notice that fabian likes to be on the left side alot take out peralta and have jimenez in there as well and yeah salcido is not cutting it out its time to put in Chaton salcido’s experience is not working with Olympic team

  3. The game was nowhere near being balanced during the first 45 minutes. South korea completely dominated the first half, it wasnt until gio came in during the second half that mexico started to step it up a little but not enough to win it. Gio should start against gabon.

  4. I never liked oribe and Gio should be striker
    Mexico would be a different team with vela,Hernandez,Jona dos santos
    Hector Moreno for Carlos and Ochoa for Jesus C.

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