Positives and negatives heading into the Olympics

Peralta has yet to add a goal with the Olympic squad (Eurosport).


Mexico has just finished up their warm-ups for the Olympics. The results were; 1-1 tie with Club Leon, 1-0 victory over Great Britain, 0-1 loss to Spain, and a 1-2 loss to Japan. The friendlies have shed some light at what to expect for Thursday, as Mexico begins its road to Olympics against South Korea.


1) Defense showing holes:

After the 1-0 victory over Great Britain, Mexico was outscored 1-3. The defense could have coughed up more against Spain, as they let through 2 major break aways. Luckily for Mexico, there were stopped by Corona. Against Japan, Mexico was disorganized and let the Japanese through for an easy tap-in for the 1-0 lead. The defense will need to find away to build some consistency, because their competition is going to be a lot stronger with the stakes raised.

2) Missing names are indeed…missed:

Going to keep this one short and sweet. Some of the names that were hopefuls for the Olympic roster, are now ones that Mexico really needed. Pulido, Jonathan Dos Santos, and Vela would have been a huge boost to this squad.

3) Experienced players not adding any experience:

With exception of Corona, Salcido and Peralta has been bigger problems than solutions. The purpose of the 3 overage players was to add major help for the younger standouts, but Salcido has not found a rhythm, and Peralta is a complete no-show. Of course I loved being proved wrong, as it could be the opposite come Thursday. Both could come out swinging…yet from the friendlies, they have worried me more than add optimism.


1) Certain players are showing great consistency:

Although the overage players have not dazzled the El Tri fans, some of the youngsters have. The likes of Fabian, Herrera, Aquino have been a great sight. We all knew that Fabian has been consistent, but he has been responsible for 2 of 3 Mexico’s goals in warm-ups. Herrera has been an engine, never giving up on plays, as well as Aquino. I feel these three will be our best come Thursday.

2) Mexico is still the favorite of the group:

Although they lost two friendlies, we must remember…they were friendlies. Mexico is still a force in their group, and doing well could catapult momentum for the knockout rounds. Many players can turn on their performance knowing whats on the line, and I’ am optimistic this will be the case.

3) Pressure:

Usually this would be a negative, yet we have seen these U-23 stars shine when it was all on the line. Being down 0-1 to Honduras in the CONCACAF Pre-Olympic tournament final in the 70th minute wasn’t enough to stop Fabian and co. from claiming the crown. Not to mention the excellent finish in the Toulon cup, Mexico has shown it can turn things around late.

Mexico will take the pitch Thursday against South Korea in London at 9:30 A.M. EST. We will see if the guys can build off the positives…or if the negatives will be too much for a medal.

Vamos Mexico!

13 thoughts on “Positives and negatives heading into the Olympics”

  1. Good points Bryan. You are spot on. Pulido or Vela instead of Peralta and Jona pairing with Herrera in the midfield would be ideal. Plus throw in Moreno instead of Salcido.

    I am disappointed in how the attack seems to be having trouble in the last third. Peralta has looked lost, out of rhythm and slow. I liked how the U-23 was performing without the over-age players (except for corona). They had good chemistry and were deadly with the combination of speed/passing.

    That said I hope he goes with Gio instead of Peralta (I know he is not 100% fitness wise). I wish Tena had experimented with the formation sooner than the last 20 minutes vs Japan. Similar to Spain without a true #10.
    I’d rather have Fabian and Gio on the field at the same time.

    I still have faith the’ll do well and go deep in the olympics, they are too talented not to at least battle for a bronze medal.

    Vamos Mexico indeed!

    1. I agree with you Rene! I think Moreno, Vela, Pulido would have added so much. I am so shocked Pulido wasn’t called for how well he has played in 2012. I still have a lot of faith in El Tri to get a solid medal, but rhythm in group play will be huge. Even though we should get through no problem, we still have great opponents, and a diverse group to add. I think Gio and Fabian need to play together with the Olympic side, but for senior side I would make Fabian a super-sub (for most games). He can really throw-off defenses in the second half. I cannot wait for some of the Olympic players to finally join with the senior side!

  2. I know this is random but I haven’t read any new new’s on Vela. I will call it right now before anyone else, Vela this season in Spain will do amazing! Over 15 goals and will fight for a starting XI place between Hernandez. As will Dos Santos and Fabian for the attacking mid spot. Aquino will win a spot over Barrera and no one has a chance to beat Guardado at left mid. He will have a breakout season at Valencia. As for central mid, Herrera and Jonathan Dos Santos will take over. With Zavala and Enrique. As subs. So excited for the Olympics and after to see how these players will look with the mayor. Case in point…Vela will be begged by the FMF to come back and play for El Tri

    1. Vela released a statement saying he declined the Olympics to focus on the Real Sociedad signing, but that he will accept a call if Mexico wants him to play. I say we will see Vela with El Tri very soon!

      “I’m at my country’s disposition” -Vela

  3. i think when Hier comes back from injury the defense will be better but idk i think el flaco should put the squad that he had on the france tournment they looked better there and salcido and peralta are just terrible the injury that peralta had is really affecting him idk why bring if he was recovering from a injury and he never does good with the national team only club and salcido should just play with mayor el flaco should have bought ochoa, Hector Moreno and Guardado and kept pulido but gio and fabian should play together fabian forward and gio behind him
    the national team should be a breast especially in the mid Hererra and Jona Dos SAntos

    1. I think finally I will be confident with our mids for once. I can’t wait to see Herrera and JDS together. Mexico has a lot of potential. Hopefully we will see this against the U.S. at Azteca come August 15th…

      1. yeah that game should be good i just el chepo realizes the talent and how good hererra is doing to call him up to the senior national team cuz i dont want him to call up torrado nor put salcido at that position if we have hererra and jona dos santos why not call them up and aslo bring in fabian and still vela he just wants to play that why he didnt decide to go to the olympics but still call him up and nery castillo if only he does good in mexico we good have a good starters and bench as well

        GK: Ochoa
        Def: Meza, Hugo Ayala, Moreno, Torres Nilo
        Mid: Hererra, Jona Dos Santos
        Winger/CAM: Aquino, Gio Dos SAntos, Guardado
        Forward: Ch14

        subs: Fabian, Maza, Salcido, Vela, Zavela, Nery Castillo, Mier, Pulido, Ponce

        and we have a bright future with the Sub 17, Sub 20, and Sub23

      2. This would be my starting XI vs USA. Ochoa in goal. Meza at right back, Moreno and Maxa as central defense, Torres Nilo at left back. Jonathan dos santos as more of a defensive mid, that’s how he normally plays for Barcelona. Herrera as a true central mid with Guardado on the left and Aquino on the right. Giovani Dos Santos right behind Chicharito. Now as for the world up. Imagine Chicharito and Vela as our 2 front men with either GDS or Fabian behind them? That’s a scary offensive right there especially with Guardado and Aquino to help on the flanks

  4. I wouldn’t mind that lineup Alonso. I think we could mix up a few things and get some great success. I would love to see Herrera with the senior side finally, as well as Fabian.

    1. yeah el chepo should definitly call up Jona Dos Santos and Vela and from the sub23 Fabian, Aquino, Ponce, Hier, and Hererra its time for the new and out with the old we have to think about the world cup 2014 lets start forgetting about torrado, Marquez, salcido, Lucho Perez and etc. its time for the new generation to step in now

      1. Yea, we have an important generation on the rise, no need to rely on older players. Get the experience now, and work for the gold in 2014 and 18′

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