Spain 1, Mexico 0: Plethora of chances, but poor finishing

Mexico’s line-up against Spain (Selección Nacional de México)


Mexico began its Pre-Olympic tour against Great Britain with a 1-0 win. Gaining momentum is huge for Mexico, as the Olympics will have some very difficult squads. Mexico headed to play Spain on Wednesday, hoping to gain a positive result. Early in the match, Mexico did very well with possession, and seemed to begin its chance creation process. Aquino frequently freed himself from Spaniard defenders.

However, with all the momentum building, Mexico failed where it has many times in the past…corners. El Tri miss marked their men, and Corona was out of position to punch the ball free. Javi Martinez capitalized and scored in the 13th minute. Yet, Aquino and Herrera continued to make the game interesting. Dodging opponents left and right, the two tried their best to get a shot at goal. Aquino had a great opportunity in the first half, when he dazzled spectators by splitting the defense (with blazing speed) giving Mexico one of its best shots in the game. Yet, with all the times Aquino and co. were able to give El Tri an equalizer…the play was either snuffed out, and or no one was able to get a solid shot on goal.

The defeat is a tough one to take in, because the Spanish team only had a few momentums of brilliance, and both teams looked fairly equal. It is unfortunate that Mexico missed the mark on so many occasions. In the end, Mexico will have to scrap together and get ready for another friendly on Saturday (August 21st) against Japan.

So fans, what are your thoughts on the match? Do you like how Corona played? Would you rather have brought Guardado and kept Pulido for the offense? Let’s hear what you think…

Vamos Mexico!


22 thoughts on “Spain 1, Mexico 0: Plethora of chances, but poor finishing”

  1. It was a good game…. I actually think mexico did pretty good even though they still have to improve just a little. & you can’t deny that spanish soccer it’s at it’s best right now But I think peralta is too slow/rusty for that squad, that’s just me tho’, & aquino got too down!!! Lol but they just gotta learn from this game they’ll be good by the olympics.

    1. Spanish football is at its best but not the under-23, what im saying is that the players that make spain unstoppable are xavi,iniesta,fabregas,david silva,jordi alba, etc. they got the best midfield in the world, but the young generation of the spanish team dont have that, not trying to show off mexico but mexico under-23 are way better organized in midfield n attack, cant reallly say the same for the under-23 spanish squad. The brazil under-23 squad is much more stronger than the spanish. Mexico needs to learn n improve in finishing there chances, other than that u cant deny mexicos midfield/attack is very strong.

  2. i think we should have definitely should have brought guardado and kept pulido peralta is too slow and cannot control a simple pass and gio and marco cannot play together if you want them to play together marco needs to play on the left side and gio behind the forward like in the mayor gio and marco play in the same position

  3. Oribe Peralta is a bust, Alan Pulido should have stayed. I believe Aquino is going to have a stellar tournament also Hererra. Both will for sure be in Europe next season. If Fabian can produce goals like he did before you can expect him to be in Europe as well. I believe salcido in mid is a bust as well. Passes are not precise enough for me, and he dosent create enough chances. Either put Gio or Fabian as a striker and one behind another. With Aquino and Ponce on the sides. Now that is a scary offense. Hererra and Enriguez in mid with Reyes,Mier,Salcido and Vidrio on defense. Corona has some amazing saves just that header was poor marking. They should learn from it and take the positives. I believe Mexico can win a medal at the Olympics. They have the talent and winnig attitude.

    1. I agree with you Alonso and Leo. I think Peralta is a great player for Santos Laguna, but like others in the past, he doesn’t seem to fit well with the national team. For example; the Brazil game last fall. He came on as a sub, and tried way too many fancy things and got nothing done. I think Pulido deserved the striker spot. In addition, for how much of a fan I am of Salcido, I think he is done with El Tri. It seems his swagger has died down since the 2010 World cup. He ends up trying too many long shots, which kills momentum. That can work against weaker CONCACAF opponents…but not in big games.

      1. How do you feel about Aquino? He outpaced, out dribbled Jordi Alba. Barcelona just payed Millions for him and Aquino made him look awful. Also I remember a play when Herrera took the whole Spanish defense and dribbled over 4 players and tried to cross it in. Furture Midfield Meastro? I think so. Once the Olympics are over Barerra lost his spot and Gio and Fabian will begin a war to see who plays behind Chicharito….anyone else agrees or objects?

      2. @ Alonso it’s not that barrera lost his spot it’s that the mexican national team will just have more talent, if barrera isn’t doing well put aquino & if aquino isn’t doing well we got barrera..

      3. @wasgood. I agree with you but I feel that Aquino will soon over shine Barerra and he will struggle to gain his place back. Mexico will have loads of talent going into WC14 but Aquino seems too good. And just imagine the younger players who are excelling at the moment.

      4. yeah i think peralta is a bust at the national level it would be if we had pulido and guardado
        and salcido is not the right man for the olympics Jonathon would have been good with hererra too bad he didnt want to come i think enriguez should partner herrera i think el Flaco missed up with refuerzos he should have bought Hector Moreno, Andres Guardado and Memo Ochoa and then with the Addition of Jonathon Dos Santos and Carlos Vela it would have been good It would be GK: Ochoa Def: Jimenez, Hier, Hector, Chavez
        Mid: Aquino, Hererra, Jona, Guardado Forward: MArco and Vela
        subs:GIO, Enriguez, Cortes, Ponce, Puldio, Vidrio,
        Man that would be a good squad too bad we can only dream

      5. i forgot to mention that diego reyes is not looking good anymore he has been getting beaten alot and i know he can dribble himself out of trouble but in counter attacks they beat him everytime
        thats why in my dream team he would be a sub making him the last member of the 18 olympics squad

      6. @ alonso I know I’m excited for the wc… By that time hopefully people like ulises davila, marco bueno, jonathan, ect. will be in top form! Mexico Let’s Do This!!!!!!!!!! Haha

  4. I think if Reyes put on about 20-30 pounds, he would be a force. Could you imagine? He currently is about 6 foot 2 and 150 pounds…that is way too light. He will be special though. Here is something I would like to see in the future, 4-2-3-1.
    Keeper: Ochoa or Corona (whoever is in rhythm)
    Defense: Meza, Moreno, Maza, Torres Nilo
    Mids: Jona Dos Santos, Herrera
    Wingers/CAM: Barrera, Gio Dos Santos, Guardado
    Striker: Chicharito
    Subs: Ponce, Aquino, Fabian, Vela, Reyes or Mier
    and then anyone else who is doing well (Bueno, Pulido, Chavez etc)

    1. yeah he does need to gain a lot of weight he is way to skinny but he is good tho
      but i liek your lineup for the tri mayor but instead of maza with Moreno i would put
      HUgo Ayla from tigres just because maza is already in his 30’s and i want to think more about brazil 2014
      and aquino with barrera only becuase of what aquino is doing lately. But Jona and Hererra should definitely start in the tri mayor. so if i was chepo and i had to call 23 or 21 players they would be
      GK: Ochoa, Corona
      DEF: RB:Meza, Jimenez CB:Moreno,Hugo, Maza, Mier, LB: Torres, Salcido
      MIDS:Jona, Herrera, Zavela
      WIngers/CAM: Barrera, Aquino,GIO,Fabian,Guardado,Ponce
      what you think missing anymore or drop anyone???

      and my Line-Up would be 4-2-3-1

      Subs:Vela, CAstillo, Fabian, Zavela, Salcido, Ponce, Barrera
      dream team to win the world cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

      1. Nice lineup. With of course my preference to drop Salcido. I think we could still use Maza for Brazil. He would be our oldest player with maybe exception of Corona.

    2. yeah guess salcido maybe then bring chavez in but i would still keep maza in but not as a starter but more as sub
      tho but i think 2018 will be even more better players since we have the sub-17, sub-20, and sub-23 in good condition right now

    3. Bryan I agree with your formation and players except I would put Vela instead of Barrera and Castillo for Hernandez.

      1. But I dont agree on your sub list. Back to the olympic squad, I would use a 4-1-3-2 formation; keeper: Corona defence: Jimenez, Mier, Reyes, Chavez midfield: Herrera wingers/cam: Aquino, Dos Santos, Cortez forward: Fabian, Peralta.

      2. so your having hererra playing by himself in the midfield and have cortes on the left wing and aquino on right wing and Gio CAM Fabian and Peralta forward impossible because hererra cannot defend the mid by himself and attack he would be super tired. when other teams counter attack we would get destoryed maybe this one how about the
        GK: Corona
        DEF: Jimenez, Mier, Reyes, or salcido,Chavez
        MID: Hererra,Enriquez
        Winger/CAM: Aquino, Fabian, Ponce
        Foward: Peralta or Raul Jimenez

        gio and fabian cannot play together they play on the same position CAM

      3. Thats a good list but I think mexico needs two forwards because I notice with one player in this case Peralta touches the ball 2 or 3 times only.

      4. its that el flaco cannot have gio and fabian play together becuase they do know is going to play more offensively and so they need ponce to play with fabian becuase fabian plays better and can play more a top with peralta cuz ponce has defensive mind than gio its you take out gio to play fabian or you take out fabian to play gio becuase they both play in the same position behind the forward just go back how they won the pre-olympics and the france tournment and have gio come off the bench

  5. The defeat doesn’t matter since they played well and need to fix the few problems they do they can be at full force when the tourment starts and thatS where winning matters the most

  6. Well they lost 1-0 to the team that is “expected” to win the gold medal.. so that ain’t bad at all! They played great and i’m sure they’ll do great when the Olympic games come! 😀

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