Why El Tri fans should be excited for the Confederations cup

Thanks to the 2011 Gold cup title, Mexico will be heading to Brazil in 2013 (Univision)


It has been over a dcade since Mexico won its first Confederations cup title, with a 4-3 win over Brazil. Since that victory, Mexico has only qualified twice. With the recent news that Italy will be joining the competition next year, I couldn’t help but begin to ponder how great of a cup it will be. Let’s go over some of those reasons why Mexico fans should be excited..


Some of the best of the best will be battling in Brazil next summer. From the likes of Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Japan…Mexico will be going up against some elite squads. Looking at recent results, Mexico does stack up well with these teams. We all remember what can happen in tournaments like the Confederations. Our foes up north shocked #1 Spain in the semi-finals, which shows how competitive the tournament will get.

2-Mexico’s chemistry should be solid:

It will be one year until Mexico will be in Brazil, which means there is plenty of time to sculpt a top-tier squad. Mexico will finally be joined by the likes of some white-hot stars like Fabian, Herrera, Aquino just to name a few. Seeing that Mexico already has a rhythm going right now with a five game win streak (one against Confederations cup foe Brazil), we should see a very mature roster in Brazil.

3-Mexico will have serious support:

We finally catch a little break with travel! We have two major tournaments coming up in “Latin” America, which means Mexico fans will eagerly make the trip. El Tri fans are known to travel well, but it is nice to finally not have to cross an ocean to see our favorites play. The support will be greatly appreciated when the competition gets tough, and it is always nice to get a warmup before the World cup.

Scoring big in a tournament like the Confederations cup next year could do wonders for Mexico. With the quality of teams, and Mexico’s growth, I can only dream of the possibilities. Yet, for now, Mexico needs to build for what is needed to battle the historic teams ahead.

Vamos Mexico!

5 thoughts on “Why El Tri fans should be excited for the Confederations cup”

  1. Mexico is doing really well. But as i watched spain vs portugal game in the euros, mexico still needs some work on midfield. They need some creativity there, like xavi does for spain. Maybe jonathan can fit for mexico there, idk but really hope mexico keeps succeding, n steps up when challenged by a big national team as they did with brazil. I still havent forgot how good they played against spain, 1-1 😀

    1. That 1-1 game still haunts me. Mexico dominated the second half until making about 5 subs. Which then Silva tied the game. Regardless, I think Mexico has the tools to make a great run at the Confederations!

      1. Yeah thats true they dominated in the first half, n vela n chicharito were playing upfront very good in my point of view.

  2. So will the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup go on at the same time? If so, that would give the youngsters such as Davilla, Guarch, Rivera, Galvan, etc. and others from the preolympic and Olympic team an opportunity to compete against CONCACAF’s best. Then we can see how good our youth is. Hopefully we can retain our CONCACAF Gold Cup title and make a good run at the confederations cup. Viva Mexico!!

    1. I believe the Gold cup will be after Confederations. I’m assuming we will see a lot of youngster in the Gold cup, but don’t forget the U-20 world cup is that year as well.

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