Upcoming Pre-Olympic friendlies

Oribe Peralta will try to add experience to Mexico’s Olympic squad (adamcaira)


In just a few short weeks, Mexico will be heading to London to pursue a chance at medaling at the 2012 Olympics. Mexico does have some warm-ups beforehand to prepare for the long journey. Here are the upcoming fixtures…

July 5th: Club Leon vs Mexico (Leon, Mexico)

July 15th: England vs Mexico (Marbella, Spain)

July 18th: Spain vs Mexico (Cadiz, Spain)

July 21st: Japan vs Mexico (City ground, Nottingham, United Kingdom)

It should be an interesting set of friendlies as Mexico will be facing some very tough squads. Getting a good result could help Mexico build a run through group play…and hopefully into medaling territory. (Here is the list that will be representing Mexico in the friendlies and Olympics in London.)

Vamos Mexico


14 thoughts on “Upcoming Pre-Olympic friendlies”

  1. Can’t wait til we play England & Spain!! If We play good in both matches the world will finally see Mexico’s progress & that Mexico Will be a threat in the olympics 🙂 #Mexico4Olympics

    1. Can’t wait til we play England & Spain!!

      Sorry to disappoint. Mexico are not playing England. It is the GB team. Nothing like the England team

      1. For all you guys who don’t know Great Britain(GB) is England. It’s just another name for that country.

  2. Wait.. Right here it says July 7 but the official website for El Tri says it’s today? I don’t know who to believe?!? Hmmm O.o hahaha

  3. This doesn’t seem to be England though as I can’t find any mention of this game on thefa.com or in the English press. Any ideas what team it is?

      1. The best U-21 players are with the Great Britain team for the Olympics. The GB have only confirmed 1 friendly. Many of the others will be playing in U-20 Euro championship. This match isn’t mentioned anywhere on the FA’s website. I am dubious as to whether this is an official England side. Which wouldn’t look great for anyone.

      2. Nothing about the Great Britain side playing in Spain in the English press. The only friendly they have listed is the one against Brazil. It might be the local rubbish from Mexican media, as there are not selling any tickets in Spain or England for this so call match

      3. Yes, it is on. Team GB (not England) will play Mexico in Spain this month. But we won’t see it as it is being played behind closed doors.

    1. Welcome to the world of politics/money; anyway this will be a the Olympic team of Mexico vs the Olympic team of GB.

  4. This makes much more sense although I’m not sure why it seems to be such a highly guarded secret on this side of the pond. Probably so they can sell tickets to the Brazil friendly as the ‘only friendly Team GB will play’. Makes it a more interesting game as it’s a pretty likely QF match up

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