Copa Mexico (U-15); Underdogs take the crown

It was a great tournament as Mexico’s 3rd division claimed 1st at the Copa Mexico (bOVOP)

This past week, eight U-15 nations faced off in the Copa Mexico. Nigeria was supposed to be one of the nations in Mexico’s group, but a last minute call to not participate caused Mexico to send its third division squad to take Nigeria’s spot. Here is what the groups looked like…

Group A:

Chile, Mexico, Mexico 3rd division, Canada

Group B:

Spain, USA, Colombia, Costa Rica

From Group A, Mexico and Mexico 3rd division advanced. From Group B, Colombia and Spain went through to the knockout rounds. In group play, Mexico and Mexico 3rd division faced off but it was Mexico with a 4-0 victory. The underdogs would get a chance at redemption in the knockout stages. The game went into penalties as it was tied 2-2, and the Mexico 3rd division shocked Mexico winning on penalties 5-4. Colombia also went to penalties and were able to defeat Spain to setup a final with Mexico 3rd division.

It was a close match all the way through, as Mexico 3rd division and Colombia needed extra time to find a winner. The score remained 2-2, as they headed to penalties. Mexico 3rd division pulled off the cinderella victory winning 6-5 in the penalty shootout. As a Mexico fan, it is hard not being excited for the youngsters. Not only that they won, but were the 3rd division back-ups for Mexico and were able to pull off the upsets! It has been a fun experience to see so many Mexican youth squads winning these tounrnaments. As we have seen since the 2005 U-17 World cup, Mexico appears to be making great progress!

Vamos Mexico!


6 thoughts on “Copa Mexico (U-15); Underdogs take the crown”

    1. YES! These kids didn’t make the cut for the first team (who they defeated on pk’s). Just add this one to the list of great stories for Mexico’s future!

  1. I read the posts and articles on this website on a consistent basis and i definitely enjoy the insight and updates. however, it is unprecedented for me to leave a comment, but this particular article has captured my attention and has motivated me to provide my opinion. Mexico’s 3rd division winning this particular tournament is a testament to the character of these players! it goes to show that with will, determination, resiliency, and the desire to win all things are possible regardless of individual status. furthermore, in this rare case, it depicts the talent Mexico has able to embellish with the emergence of the young talent that was demonstrated in Peru 2005! More importantly, congrats to the 3rd division Mexican squad y como soy Mexicano, viva Mexico! ay que darle con madre rumbo a brasil 2014! excuse my vulgar language lol!

    p.s. thanks for the constant updates.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I really think the youth is a staple to building a country with a great prestige, and although this wasn’t a huge tournament, the showing of talent from Mexico has been great. It was definitely a wild tournament. Vamos Mexico!

  2. So who was the stronger team Mexico or the third divsion before the match started between the two. WHo was more of a favorite team to win. I myself would think that Mexico main team had to win and was the stronger team. So I am confused

    1. The first Mexico squad was a heavy favorite. The third division team only went because Nigeria bailed late. The third division was made of up kids fighting to play for the first U-15 squad. They lost to that first Mexico U-15 in group but beat them in knockout stages…total dedication. Defeating the first team call ups that beat you to the squad is pretty amazing.

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