The last of Jona and Vela?

Since his exclusion from the 2010 World cup, Mexico fans have been worried about Jona’s future with the squad (


It seems that a trend has begun from the Mexico national team. It goes as follows; “Great performances will be accompanied by darker news.” It has been reported from ESPN Deportes that the FMF has had it with Jonathan Dos Santos and Carlos Vela. The report states that the two players have been asked to remain from being called to an El Tri side. A consensus from the FMF will put the two promising players off the pitch for Mexico any time soon.

Though many claim that the report may be overblown, and that the two do have a future with Mexico. However, many question marks will remain for a while with this recent explosive report. I personally want to stay positive for the two hopefuls, mainly because they have so much to offer. I can only hope to see the Dos Santos brothers take the pitch together by the Confederations cup. Yet, it may take time…because right now, Jona and Vela seem to be without a green (and or black) jersey for some time to come.


8 thoughts on “The last of Jona and Vela?”

  1. The report is over blown, nothing more. Regardless of how the Federation feels about both players, they should realize that they are both essential in the development of the team in the next few years. In my opinion, there are two reason at play here as to why both Vela and Jona won’t be in London.

    1. This being the important one in my opinion. They both need to clarify their future standing with their clubs. Vela wants out of Arsenal. He is fighting to be allowed to leave, and rightfully so. Some may say he didn’t cut it while at Arsenal. The reality was that Wenger never gave him a fair chance, much like he did with others, Bentner, Chamak, Gervinho and Eduardo to name a few (Vela having more technical skill than all these). This severely hampered Vela’s development. Much like Gio’s development has been hampered by Tottenham. So clearing his future, fighting for his release from a team that won’t give him a shot is worth missing the Olympics. In the long run, it will help his and the national teams development.
    Same can be said for Jona, just a slightly different situation. He is fighting to break into the first team. Kid is almost there and wants to cement his place in the upcoming year. Should they have accepted the invite? yes. But in the long run them positioning themselves in good situations with their teams this summer will only help their development and help the progress of the national team. No reason to hold this against them.

    2. A small reason why they turned the invite down has to do with some hard feeling that still remain. Let’s face it, both Vela and Jona have been screwed by the FMF. First Jona being left out of the World Cup team. Kid had every right to be there. His exclusion would have been understood if it was for a quality player, not for a guy like Bofo. Gio was upset, his Pops was upset and Jona was upset. He should have been in South Africa.
    Vela got screwed when the FMF made him the fall guy for that party after the Colombia game. Although it was well documented other players had as big a role in the shannanigans as Vela did. So I wouldn’t be surprise if the two still have some sort of hard feelings toward the FMF. This is their little way of saying, “you gave me the middle finger and now im giving it back, I have personal matters to attend to”.

    The FMF isn’t stupid enough to let these two walk away. And both Jona and Vela aren’t stupid enough to turn their back on their nation and be blacklisted from international competitions for the rest of their lives. Come the confederations, future WC qualifying and WC 14, both these guys will be there. As Mexico fans, we deserve the best players representing us, we still have a good squad for the Olympics. Regardless these two are and should still be part of the future.

    1. Brilliant reply Luis. I think you hit the nail on the head. It would be an absolute shame if these two never play international football again for Mexico. But with many of your reasons, I believe the whole situation is exploited, but is nothing more than two guys trying to get their club deals straight before returning to national play.

      1. Good points. There is a report that Jona had accepted the request and hours later called the federation asking them if he was being considered as a starter. The federation’s response was that it was up to the coach and the work done in training. So that’s when Jona declined and said he wanted to fight for a spot in Barcelona.

        This report does make it seem that there are some hard feelings at play like Luis said. He basically wasn’t guaranteed a starting spot so he made his decision. It doesn’t paint him in the best light personally but ultimately it should benefit the NT.

        Nice work on the blog Bryan.

  2. Carlos vela will return inform better than ever next season and him and Hernandez will make deadly attack since vela can be that number 9 mexico needs. He is playmaker also and his 9 assists this season says it all

  3. It’s silly of the FMF to make statements like these anyway. Young players with bright futures should be encouraged to find success at a club level. That will only help the NT in the long run. Sure hope to see both in the hexagonal & confederations cup next year.

    1. That just shows how much FMF is interested in Mexico being a world class team by leaving out two players that could help the team get there for reasons that has nothing to do with how they play on the pitch.

  4. Good points everyone but just think about the the other players that are putting in the time playing club & international friendlies. It wouldnt be fair if Vela & Jona don’t want to put it in their time with the national team but then want to play in the confederations & the world cup. Don’t get me wrong Vela is my favorite player but they both need to be dedicated to their club & national team just like chicharito.

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