Mexicans Abroad 6/16-6/17

One more Mexican abroad has been officially lost. Read about the rest below.

Pablo Barrera(Real Zaragoza)– Season has ended. The player has been linked with a move back to Mexico.

Hector Moreno (Espanyol) – Season has ended.

Taufic Guarch(Espanyol B)– Although it was announced that Guarch would return to Mexico to play for Tigres, nothing concrete has been figured out with Espanyol.

Andres Guardado (Valencia)– Season has ended. He is in the process of finishing paperwork to play as a naturalized Spanish citizen for the upcoming season.

Jonathan Dos Santos (Barcelona )– Season has ended.

Anibal Zurdo(Guadalajara)– Season has ended.


Carlos Vela (Arsenal)– Talks with Arsenal will be held at the conclusion of the European Championship.

Giovani Dos Santos (Tottenham)– Now that Harry Redknapp has been dismissed, his future with the team is uncertain.

The whole world knows that there’s been a change of manager. Everything can change in a team. It’s not me who will decide if I play or not, but I think things are going to change. I know there are a couple of offers in Europe, I don’t know what teams, but they told me to wait for the moment to see what will happen.-Giovani Dos Santos

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez (Manchester United)– Season has ended.

Antonio Pedroza(Crystal Palace)– Season has ended.

Ulises Davila(Chelsea)– He’s been called to take in part of Chelsea’s preseason training to see if he’ll stay with the team or be loaned out.


Guillermo Ochoa(Ajaccio)– Season has ended.


Francisco ‘Maza’ Rodriguez (Stuttgart) – Season has ended.


Edson Rivera(Braga)– Season has ended.


Nery Castillo (Aris)– Castillo has officially signed a three year deal with Pachuca.


Jose Manuel Rivera(RoPS)– Rivera played 70 minutes in the 2-0 win against Viikingit.


8 thoughts on “Mexicans Abroad 6/16-6/17”

  1. Does that mean that guardado is no longer a mexican citizen since he is now going to become a spanish citizen? Or is he just becoming a legal resident of spain and still maintaining his mexican citizenship.

    1. I’m not sure about the specifics about retaining citizenship, but being a Spanish citizen frees up a space in the Valencia squad for a non-EU player. Teams are only allowed a certain number of foreign players, so this would make Guardado a not foreign player under the laws.

      Either way, he’s bound to the Mexican NT for life under FIFA laws.

      1. I thought if you played for a country in an official FIFA game , that was it, no changing after that. BUT I was reading this , and not I’m confused , anyone care to share their thoughts on this ?


        Alhambra, Calfornia

    2. He won’t lose Mexican citizenship, especially since he was born there. You can hold more than one passport. Vela also holds a passport for Spain.

  2. Manny- The whole citizenship thing just means that he can play in Spain and not be considered a foreigner. He can’t switch to a different country because he’s been capped already with Mexico. The becoming a Spanish citizen thing is separate from FIFA. I just brought it up to say that it didn’t really matter that he had more than one passport, as Bryan pointed out.

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