Giovani Dos Santos at Tottenham

Harry Redknapp out, Giovani Dos Santos in?

Giovani Dos Santos at Tottenham
Giovani Dos Santos at Tottenham(Credit AFP)

Harry Redknapp was dismissed as manager of Tottenham Football Club on Thursday.

Tottenham player, Giovani Dos Santos, was supposed to hold talks with the chairman of the club and other higher ups after June 12th.

Dos Santos joined Tottenham under Juande Ramos, but when Ramos was dismissed his development came to a halt. Redknapp sent out Dos Santos on loans, but when he was back with Tottenham he mostly remained on the bench or off the team sheet.

Now that Redknapp is no longer there should Dos Santos look for a transfer to the Spanish league, or should he remain with Tottenham and see how his luck plays out under a the future manager?

Although it may seem like Dos Santos had trouble in the often cited “more physical” English leagues, he had brief success during his loan period at Ipswich Town. He went on loan in March 2009 and scored four goals in eight appearances. A brief stint, but one that showed that his quality came out when he was on the field.

He also had a half-season loan with Racing de Santander in 2011 where he helped the team avoid relegation. Often times he has been linked to Spanish clubs, after being formed in the system while at Barcelona. One of the most recent rumors linked him to Villarreal, but with the club’s relegation the deal most likely won’t be going forward.

So what should Giovani Dos Santos do in relation to his future? Should he push for a move, or should he stay at Tottenham and brave the new management?

Although he might have a chance under new management(the rumored list includes Andres Villa-Boas, Roberto Martinez, and Rafael Benitez) it would ultimately be better for Dos Santos to seek a move elsewhere. His reputation at Spurs led Redknapp to say that “If he could pass a nightclub as well as he can pass a ball he would be alright,” and unfortunately it seems to have followed him during his time there.

His performances on the field are affected by what’s happening off the field. While a vibrant nightlife can be found across the globe, perhaps playing in London isn’t the greatest choice when that is a serious vice.

A new team might give him that blank slate he’s needed. He’s showed that he can play in a physical league(his time in the Championship helped show this to a certain extent), but the Spanish league suits his style much better.

He’s 23-years-old and still young, but it’s time to have a solid foundation as he goes in to his best footballing years and starts to cement his place as a veteran of the Mexican National team.

His best opportunity to do so is not at Tottenham.


11 thoughts on “Harry Redknapp out, Giovani Dos Santos in?”

  1. Redknapp was going no matter what. De Santos is a top Mexican player. he is very good and should have played more but with folks like Vander Vaart and Defore is caused a problem for De santos to get more playing time.

  2. I think Gio and Vela could do great on the barclays if only givin the minutes to play now that there more mature. Even though la liga suits both of them I want to see them with the confident that the premier league gives to the players.

    1. I think they could do well there too. We’ve seen that they can perform in that league based on the appearances with teams they’ve been loaned out to in England. My suggestion would be to take a page out of Chicharito’s book: stay later, train, but in some extra time. Gio and Vela’s original teams have pretty big names and they’ll have to give something extra to stand out. We’ve read reports praising Chicharito for being the first in and the last out of training, but nothing of that sort about the other two.

  3. Its going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few months. My guess is that he is sold because of the money that the club can get for him. Especially because this summer the Olympics go down, it brings new faces and players into the eyes of the European managers. If they sell Gio for 6 to 8 million, they can gamble on picking up 2 to 4 players from the Olympic tournament. It allows these teams to continue building for the future. But then again, other players might be sold and they keep Gio to take on the starting role. Its up in the air right now.

    On another note: I’m excited to see that Nery Castillo is coming back to the Mexican League. If he performs at the level that he is able to, Jose Manuel de la Torre might be calling him up. It would mean we have found our new Miguel Sabah.

    1. It will be interesting to see what happens. But they could also opt to keep most of the squad intact with a few reinforcements so they can try for the Champions League.

      It will be an interesting setup, that’s for sure. He mentioned that returning to the NT was a large part of why he made the switch(more later in Mexicans Abroad). I’m primarily interested in his first interview in reference to his outburst about “that’s why I’m in Europe and you’re here(Mexico)” during a press conference a few years ago.

  4. Well now that redknapp is gone most of the star players are gonna be heading out, cuz they wanna play champions league football. So most likely modric,bale,van de vart, are gonna be leaving so i doubt spurs will let Dos Santos leave especially after seeing his performance for mexico. The chairman daniel levy is the one who keeps hold of dos santos this whole time, i doubt his gonna let him go, most likely raise gio’s price up so clubs wont buy him. But i really do hope gio leaves spurs.

    1. That might be possible. But I believe Gio can also buy out his contract this summer, but if he sees he might have an opportunity it might not be the most attractive choice anymore.

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