Azteca showdown: Don’t look now…but the rivalry will return

The Mexicans rarely disappoint at Azteca in front of over 110,000 die-hard fans (Zimbio)


Not too long ago I posted an article on the potential of the USA-Mexico rivalry returning to Mexico in 2012. At that time, it was no longer confirmed by the U.S. or the FMF. However, before you could mark the game off your calender for good…FIFA confirms that the USA will meet Mexico at Azteca on August 15th!

The game does come at an odd time for El Tri though, as the Olympics will have only been done for a total of four days (hoping that Mexico makes it that far in the tournament). Unfortunately, we most likely won’t see some of those young prospects like Fabian, Aquino, Herrera and many others against the Yanks. The game will be a nice test, because in early September, Mexico will be going down to Costa Rica for WCQ. The last time the USA and Mexico faced-off at Azteca, Mexico won 2-1. The two goals came from Israel Castro and Miguel Sabah.

*Interesting note: The game is rumored to be a rare evening match, as Mexico usually plays early afternoon matches at home in Azteca.

Vamos Mexico!  (Highlights from 2009)

5 thoughts on “Azteca showdown: Don’t look now…but the rivalry will return”

  1. Back in 2009 Sabah goal was my favorite one. Too bad he never got to go to the world cup he was a great player just like oribe is right now. May I ask what team you go for in la liga mexicana
    I go for monarcas Morelia

    1. I root for Club America personally. I guess their victory over Barcelona in 2003 kinda drew me in. Yet I am a huge supporter of a strong FMF. I always cheer for Mexican clubs when they play outside the league, no matter what team. I was ecstatic when Chivas beat Barcelona 4-1, I love when the Mexican league is represented well. Morelia is a great squad, I was fortunate enough to see them play America last summer in Arizona!

  2. Nery Castillo officially signs with Pachuca. If H. Herrera stays with Pachuca it will be interesting to see him play with Castillo.

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