El Salvador 1, Mexico 2: Three difficult points

It was a difficult task for Mexico in El Salvador, but Moreno gave Mexico a late goal for the win on the road (Mexsport)


Mexico headed down to El Salvador for its second game in 2014 World cup qualifying. The environment was extremely hostile as expected…and it worked for El Salvador. The first half had very little to feel good about from a Mexico standpoint. Corona had to work a little as El Salvador had some close shots on goal, and the attack for El Tri seemed to lack much urgency. At the end of 45 minutes, Mexico was at a dead 0-0 with their El Salvadorian hosts.

The second half showed a few more opportunities for Mexico. One specific moment was a cross from Chicharito to Giovani, but the pass was just a bit too high for Gio to head it in. The play was very sloppy, and the pressure the fans and El Salvadorian attack posed was causing problems for the Mexicans. However, in the 61st minute Zavala received a go-ahead pass with numbers, yet took the shot to give Mexico the 1-0 lead. Unfortunately, the celebration was short lived as El Salvador was awarded a very dangerous free kick in the 65th minute. Pacheco stepped up to take the kick, and swerved a line drive past Corona into the net. From that point on Mexico seemed to rely on a defensive minded game plan. Mexico had a major opportunity in the 82nd minute on a free kick. The ball skidded on the pitch and Hector Moreno tried a header that was deflected off his head for the goal. The El Salvadorian felt Moreno was offside’s, but the replay shows no Mexican touches the ball before Moreno Scored.

The Mexicans are currently sitting first with 6 total points in their group. Costa Rica’s victory over Guyana (4-0) puts them at second. The next qualifier will be held on September 7th against Costa Rica at Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica. For now, Mexico will look to shape up before then, and some new faces could really help Chepo de la Torre get ready for the September series of qualifiers.

and as always….

Vamos Mexico!


18 thoughts on “El Salvador 1, Mexico 2: Three difficult points”

  1. One of the dirtiest games I have seen my a central American team excluding Mexico. El Salvador played so dirty and the fans should be embarrassed by their display! Throwing beer and bottles at players is unacceptable. The ref was blind and his license should be taking away. After this match I believe it is in best interest of El Tri to boycott ever play El Salvador again until they learn respect! Overall Mexico lacked an attacking view and we need a true midfield player. Bring in Jorge Enriguez and Jonathon Dos Santos

      1. He will surely be a star for el tri. Carlos salcido was off today and that’s the only part of the field we need help.

    1. Just want to play devils advocate, but…Throwing beer and bottles sounds awfully similar to scenes that have happened when Mexico plays the US National team. What do you think Mexico would so if the US decided to take some similar action(boycott) against Mexico?

      1. Very true. I don’t think a boycott is necessary. This is WCQ so we have to expect fans are going be rowdy. I will agree the chants outside Mexico’s hotel were a bit much, but there aren’t any innocent fan bases (just look at Russia right now).

  2. Gracias por el video I wasn’t to sure if Maza touched the ball but now theres no doubt it was a good goal… Salcido was awful, Moreno’ s crosses were horrible, and Barrera in my opinion is not a starter player anymore. We really need Vela and I want to see how Dos Santos and Reyna play together. De Nigris presence was needed today.

  3. I became a big Chicharito fan during the last World Cup and have followed him this year with Manchester United. Recently, I have become disappointed in his play. It seems the “magic” he once had is now gone. Some of this might come down to that old saying, “familiarity breeds contempt”. I have seen him play enough now to know what he can do – and what her can’t. He is a clever goal poacher that loves to hang around the net looking to poke in a stray ball, but when he is given the ball and expected to do something with it on his own, he repeatedly fails.

    I’ve also noticed Chicharito doesn’t appear to be “game fit”, Physically, he’s thickened up considerably and he’s lost his dangerous quickness. His timing seems to be off too, as seen in the “own goal” versus Guyana. That’s the kind of opportunity that he would have easily put away in the past. It’s discouraging.

    I hope Chicharito can make a comeback, return to form and regain the magic once again. Maybe with more playing time in the World Cup Qualifying matches he will get back to being at the top of his game.

  4. I agree with you on Chicharito. His current run of form has been terrible. I’m optimistic that he can regain his magic, but I do have my concerns. He has hit the post a few times (both with Mexico and United) on some of his longer range shots, so maybe if he can find the back of the net once, he can regain some of his magic and confidence. He will have to battle for playing time with United and he has surely fallen behind Welbeck. Bryan & Andrea – I’d love to get your thoughts on this. Keep up the great work y gracías!!!

    1. Thanks Juan! I still believe in Chicharito personally, it seems like he is trying to get his feet back from going cold with Man United at the end of the season. I still think his quickness is there, but his downfall right now has been his first touch. It appears that hes looking for too many thing to do at once, and usually blows-up a play. Have no fear though, a lot of help is coming for Mexico, which will only benefit Chicharito.

    2. I think that not playing with Mexico in the upcoming Olympics will help. Although he’s young, he’s also had a busy schedule between the national team and United. Plus, the concussion in preseason set him back. But his strike rate is there, and I’ll think he’ll have a good upcoming season.

  5. I agree with the above two comments. I also believe the midfield needs to play a better role in moving the ball forward, so a striker like Chicharito has time to figure out the defense and locate the holes for a quick strike. Lately they have relied on him to move the ball up with a few touches which is causing him to lose valuable steps. Chicharito has this thing that if he thinks about something too much he fails, but when an automatic response is needed, well we know what he can do. Right now I’m more concerned about Pablo Barrera. As his lack of playing time in Spain has made him beef up and lose form. His side to side movement has been paralyzed as well as his ability to move around midfielders and defenders. I remember last year his cut from the sideline to the box (splitting or moving away from multiple defenders) was done with such finesse and now he can’t even shake one defender. His shot has been dramatically reduced in speed and accuracy. There is a reason why Andres Guardado or Pablo Barrera did not score in any of the friendlies or qualifiers. Because one side is making up for the other side, so opportunities are less. This to me is more concerning than having Chicharito being at his best form. Especially knowing that we have some strikers who are up and coming and will compete with Chicharito for playing time by early 2013 and going into the World Cup. On a side note: It was nice to see that Severo Meza has certainly solidified a spot on the team. If all goes well we should be heading into 2014 with a solid defense.

    1. Great points Gerardo. I really do like Barrera, but he may be better coming as a super-sub. Sometimes it looks like he psyches himself out on plays. However, once in a while we see him FLY past defenders (similar to the play against France).

  6. The performance overall was sub-par. I can understand how many fans were disappointed with the performance of the team as a whole the last two games. However, I think part of that problem is that we’ve been spoiled by the younger players over the last year. the sub 17, sub 20, and Olympic squad have been near dominant at times and thats what we expect from the senior squad now. However, the time is not now for that domination. In my opinion once the Olympics are over, Mexico needs to start acclimating the young guys into the senior squad. Guys like Jona, Mier, Enriquez, Fabian and others need to get a serious look and call ups. Jona can be serious help in the middle. And it should be fun to play with the lineup once Vela, Fabian, Gio, Chicharo, etc are all available at the same time.

    1. Could not agree more Luis. The youth coming up can relieve serious pressure for some guys. For how much I like Salcido (and I am a huge fan) I cannot wait to see some younger guys fill his spot (and Salcido isn’t even old by any means). Jona has huge potential in my eyes, if he takes advantage this upcoming year at Barcelona…we could have a legit mid on our hands!

  7. I’m impressed with the quality of everyone’s posts. Many fan sites feature little more than thoughtless and inarticulate grunts. It’s truly enjoyable to be part of the conversation here. Thanks for making it so fun.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It seems like there are way too many sites with just trash comments on them, and it always turns into some huge debate (usually very nasty). There is nothing like being able to discuss the game we love. Thank you for commenting!

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