Mexico 3, Guyana 1: A little less goals

Giovani Dos Santos celebrates his goal against Guyana.(Photo Credit MEXSPORT)

Mexico defeated Guyana 3-1 in their opening game of World Cup qualification at the Azteca Stadium.

Although the home team won all three points, the scoreline was less than expected. Many predicted that Mexico would greatly outscore their opponents, and for the first half hour of the game it seemed like it might be the case.


Mexico: Corona, Meza, ‘Maza’ Rodriguez, Moreno, Salcido, Zavala, Barrera, Giovani dos Santos, Andres Guardado, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, Aldo de Nigris.

Guyana: Williams, J. Newton, Rodrigues, L. Cort, Moore, Shakes, Nurse, C. Cort, McKinnon, Jacobs, H. Newton.

Mexico welcomed their guests with several opening shots, but nothing that created extreme danger.

However, the back of the net rustled when Carlos Salcido shot with his left leg for Mexico’s first goal. After the ball had bounced around in Guyana’s box, Salcido met it on the bounce and shot straight to goal.

Giovani Dos Santos added Mexico’s second in the 14th minute. A back heel from ‘Chicharito’ put the ball with Aldo de Nigris who then held it for Dos Santos’ until he sent it to the back of the net for the 2-0 lead.

Mexico continued to press, but had difficulty scoring. Hernandez sent a shot at goal, but the ball refused to go in and hit the post.

Guyana gave Mexico a slight scare in the 43rd minute with a shot inside the box, but Ricky Shakes was unable to give the ball any guidance.

In the 51st minute Guyana put themselves behind with a third goal. Andres Guardado centered the ball, but ‘Chicharito’ was unable to connect. Instead, John Paul Rodrigues put the ball into the back of his own net and put his team at a 3-0 disadvantage.

But Mexico had a goal left to score. In the 62nd minute Hector Moreno scored an own goal as he tried to defend. Leon Cort had sent a ball into the box, and when Moreno tried to clear he sent it to the back of the net instead to set the score at 3-1.

Neither side could score another goal and the game ended with all three points going to Mexico.

Mexico face El Salvador on Tuesday, June 12.

El Salvador tied against Costa Rica in their opening game, 2-2.

7 thoughts on “Mexico 3, Guyana 1: A little less goals”

  1. I mexico didnt Play as well as they did against brazil. I was dissapointed for the most part. But either way we got the three points.

  2. Yeah, I expected more goals but Mexico played on cruise control and the Guyana boys put up a good fight…I enjoyed the game.

  3. After no goals scored on Corona for a long time Moreno comes in and scored an easy goal on him. Moreno’s Corona nemisis. Jajaja

  4. It was as if Mexico was trying to master their long pass and long distance shot game. I think most players saw the game as a scrimmage and even at times decided to be individuals more than a team. All ok, because now its on the coach to stop this mentality early on their building games. Its what decided their fate in South Africa with their lax attitude against Uruguay. Guyana also needs to get some credit for their defense. It seemed that anytime Mexico came to strike, they had 9 players in the box.

  5. I was very disappointed with this match! Very disappointed. I expected El Tri to take this match seriously. I agree with Oscar that this was a WAY different team than the one that played Brazil. If this is how El Tri is going to be in the Elimination Rounds, I don’t think I want to watch! We might stumble. It looked like a training session for them. Urgh…!!!

    1. I wanted a big 5-0 win as well. Yet looking at the game we can take away some big positives: 1- Mexico never lost control, 2-Mexico played hard enough to win, yet lazy enough to save their energy…

      I expect a big result on Tuesday…lets see if we can carry out 4 game streak momentum into El Salvador.

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