Mexican Olympic Uniforms; Mexico vs Guyana preview

The uniforms that Mexico will wear in the Olympic soccer tournament were revealed on Thursday. The entire Mexican delegation is sponsored by Atletica so the ADIDAS uniforms that we have grown accustomed to won’t be on the field.

Instead, the team will surge forward in Mayan-inspired uniforms in the colors of the Mexican flag.

Check them out below!

One of Mexico’s uniform(Credit MEXSPORT/OSVALDO AGUILAR)

Mexico also face Guyana on Friday in their opening game of World Cup qualifiers.

Although small, Guyana has beaten Bermuda, Barbados, and Trinidad an Tobago in previous rounds to get this far.

Jamaal Shabazz has already admitted that they have some work to do against Mexico, but has brought up several times this week the comparison of David and Goliath as they prepare to face Mexico at the Azteca.

“We wanted to be in this famous stadium, it’s a great honor. We’re a little disappointed, but we understand it’s the climate,” he said referring the altitude.

“Mexico’s society is very Catholic[religious]. What happened to David and Goliath. Why is that story in the Bible. If it weren’t there we wouldn’t be familiar with it. Of course we’re not David, but you[Mexico] are Goliath!”

Shabazz has also said that the Mexican Federation has proposed that the return leg be played in the United States due to possible travel complications to Guyana. However, Shabazz says that they would like to play at home so that the home crowd can see players such as ‘Chicharito.’

Mexico and Guyana have faced each other once before on December 2, 1987 in the US. Guyana lost 9-0 in that encounter.

Guyana come off a 7-1 loss to Colombia.

Mexico vs Guyana
Azteca Stadium
19:00 CDT

5 thoughts on “Mexican Olympic Uniforms; Mexico vs Guyana preview”

  1. The white jersey is alright but the green one looks uglier than my ex suegra. How there dressed up is going to be the last thing on my mind when there on the field though.

    1. Definitely. They could be wearing potato sacks for all intents and purposes as long as they win. I think we’ve all just enjoyed the current ADIDAS designs that these are a little eh compared to those(especially the black jersey).

  2. Are you sure the new jerseys aren’t aztec inspired instead of mayan. After all the heart of mexico is aztec not mayan.

    1. They are Mayan inspired, although I agree that the team is usually more identified with the Aztecs. Seleccion Azteca, Estadio Azteca…

      But the slogan is “Mayan Power,” so it’s definitely Mayan inspired this time around.

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